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  1. I doubt you will get your lindens back especially if its 200L or over as you get asked to confirm you want to purchase at that point, Only thing for you to do is buy more lindens?
  2. Ive been with my partner i met in SL since 2009 and still going lol, theres been alot of ups and downs but the end of the day were made it work
  3. Hello Cam here is a list of locations, now its totally up to you what you choose of course.. Bodys: Cutebytes, Zoobys {Full Avatar},*oh Daisies* Children's Boutique, Razzberry Inc., ::random::, *Aura's* Little Girl Fashion, :>Inner Peace Mainstore<: [Girls, Boys & Jrs] (Not sure if all these stores still open, or there also maybe new ones) Heads: *TD* Shape: Use Bento Childs Shape Skin: Lots of different stores, best off looking in Marketplace Hair: Any non rigged hair you can use, as you can mod to your liking and size Ao: Oracul or can look on
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