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  1. It's like: want a vic? really? really? Can't touch it nanana! 😛
  2. Still stuck there. It's like a *****ed up teasing game 😛
  3. Okay, and who do you bribe to get parcels like that?
  4. I had the same issue... Took a few days until it got solved... Region Moist? If so: let them know there is an issue with that parcel.
  5. Hi! All got fixed this morning! so I am back in the house game 😛
  6. I have nothing against the chat support, not at all. Big kuddo's for them. I own two business myself and one in the digital space, and yes it is true we also see our tickets go up due to extra usage, but pointing in Covid is just too easy for me :). U have the same effect in dark winter months
  7. Nope they didnt 😛 they point towards covid as a reason why they running behind in tickets. Lame excuse for an online tool its not like they have to "ship" the ticket. I hate that business point in that direction for excuses of delay. It's cheap and makes me even more annoyed :). Btw restart would not solve it according to live chat.
  8. I miss some sort of charm to seduce them to do that it seems 😛 36hours in: still no solution...
  9. Issue is that support sees that my house is abandonned... But in (even a cache free browser) it is still on my premium page...
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