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  1. Woohoo I have my house at Heirlong! Close to the beach! Me = happy!
  2. I just hiked around in the area's, and damn there are really some breathtaking places... Some people will really be "more" lucky than others. Awesome work from the moles!
  3. Yeah but boats and trads arent common to see, but so awesome they released so many new lovely camper spots!
  4. Have a nice boat on my alt: perfect view (Beluga) no blocking view in front (open water) and small river in the back :). Just hope to get a house for my main...
  5. You have reached the maximum number of Linden Homes ownership attempts. Please try again in 24 hours. crap
  6. Very easy to snap one now. But houses aren't abbonded yet it seems 😛
  7. Boats, camper got both of them! I want a house 😛
  8. In general I mean, people who get the alert that Bellesarian is on the page after automatic refresh are kinda **** now
  9. Would it be to annoy people who run a script? 😛
  10. Do other people have this as well? I land up to the 'right page' but can't select a home...
  11. Missed a houseboat. Somehow happy since it has been a weekI have seen a Bellessarian building/boat
  12. I feel your pain but the locking is the screen you got... I don't see a way around that? Since otherwise your screen could be on a house/boat all day if you dont refresh...
  13. That means still one or two "phases" after this, right?
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