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  1. Yeah maybe not the best place to post this, but I'll give it ago. I want to start my own business (mostly for the fun of it and not pure for the money) on SL, purely build with Gacha machines (I just love the aspect for some kind of reason). However I am no creator (nor I have the patience to do it :-)). So I am looking for creators/builders of sets/clothingsets... who want to work together somehow (Or I could buy the entire rights of a collection). Anybody around that wants to work together? IM me (Mauritsss). See ya soon!
  2. It's the first you see, so if you refresh you suddenly see Bellisseria... and then: be quick ;-). Had it twice (first time a house), but was too slow then. Now I got the boat and was fast enough :-).
  3. Just for the record: refreshing helps, just got my houseboat :-).
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