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  1. well here i am.. i been coming n going off this thing for years.. i cant even remember how many avatars ive made modded n how many things i've been into. but everyone comes n goes i guess... from drama, or from a fresh start, or they finally found something wonderful in the real world n left for that great adventure.. wouldnt that be nice! i keep coming back to seocndlife cause i remember how great it was to have people around that talked to me every day.. in my reality noone talks to me at all.. i can honestly say i havent talked to my family face to face in about 5 years and they live close.. my friends stopped comin around when i culdnt party any more.. lol and honestly, trying to make some new friends, let alone any at all.. is really hard for me.. especially when i try n make conversations with people but they either want somethin from ya or just have you on a list to announce club events to. i'd really love it if i could have real friends, like agroup of people who just wanna hang out n yap n do random stuff.. i miss havin that. what do i do.. well i'm a texturer.. lol i can do pretty much anything with a tecxture.. i used to do clothes way back before prim clothing and mesh was a thing.. its actually really easy to texture mesh.. lol so i been dabbling at that stuff. i 7 seas fish.. i play krafties cause clicking stuff is better than doin nothin at all. lol honestly tried that dating app thing for secondlife but even people on that are just way too hard to start conversation with, lol so i figure why not hit up the forums.. thers gotta be a post with other people who just want others to talk to. right?
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