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  1. When I see a situation so funny and ridiculous, I always think I might be talking to a kid. I know some people could be really childish, but there are a lot of 13 or 15 year old kids playing and pretending to be older. If someone insults me or block me because I prefer Batman over Superman or a movie over a movie, I will assume that I'm talking to a kid OR the person has some serious problems lol. So, I quit 🙄
  2. It says they can't see what you type in open chat but it's ok. Thank you!
  3. Hi! I have a question, sorry if it's not the right forum to ask but I thought I could ask here. When you block an avatar I know they can't send you messages but how do they see you? I mean, if you're in the same room with them, do they still see you or they can't or maybe you're just a cloud? Thanks.
  4. I don't have problems with skrill but I have 2.44 dollars left I want to use and I can't because of the transaction fee and the minimum of 2.50. Thing is.. I have more lindens in my balance that would make a total of more than 2.50 but I can't use the 2.44 dollars in the first place. Can I do something about this or I need to wait until I'm able to spend more money? Thx.
  5. Sorry. No, it's not in my SL balance, that's the problem. I can't "upload" my money.
  6. I don't speak too much english so I'll try.. I have 2.44 dollars to buy lindens, yes. I want that amount in lindens but as the transaction fee is 1.49, I can't and I have lindens, not dollars, lindens that I already bought. Should I withdraw those lindens and then buy what I need? I mean, can I?
  7. Hi. I have 2.44 dollars left right now that I want to use but I can't because the transaction fee is 1.49 dollars with a minimum of 2.50 to buy (I have more lindens, not to "buy" though. So I will actually have 2.50 or more). How can I use the money that I have? Thx.
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