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  1. Well I contacted the Seller In-world, their website, facebook and youtube channel. Put in a support ticket as well. Thank you though for advise on this though. I just don't like being robbed of money in a virtual game.
  2. Well I just put in a Support Ticket to Linden Labs so I hope I get a response soon. I'm not particularly a patient person but I will give this at the very least 24-48 hours. I'm not in the best of moods at this time and all I wanted to do was make more avatars with the flexibility of having more than 1 mesh body (Maitreya Lara).
  3. How do I contact them? I tried going to their website putting in my information and it telling me it's invalid.
  4. This will be of a short story then goes on to being a question at the end, giving full detail. Saturday morning at 7AM EST time. I go on to hangout with friends and 2 hours pass deciding to get a new mesh body, Belleza Freya Mesh body. I go to their in-world store to make my purchase, going over to the full body 3 of your choice mesh bodies, Isis,Venus and Freya, I take notice on the Freya body and did not hesitate to purchase it,being around the total of 2500$L After my purchase I accepted the Item "-Belleza Freya Full (Wear me)" I look into my inventory and see that I did not receive the item and decided to go back to my friend's sim asking for help, telling me to restart and possibly trying the re-delivery terminal again at the In-world store. I go back after resetting my Firestorm Viewer. I click the terminal and get sent to the purchase page of my recent purchases, after clicking it I get a nice red text error with a red border square around it stating "We're sorry, but there has been an error during the redelivery process. Please close this web page, and click on the redelivery terminal in SecondLife again." Now after getting this error I wait within a few hours increments and doing rinse and repeat with going back to the store and trying once more but getting this same error over and over again, making me feel a bit more impatient as the time of day went on. I contacted the Owner of Belleze with a note card stating my issue on the subject and to now of the time posting this I have not received any response from her. I went to their actual website and tried contacting them there but still no response via my email either. You must be thinking I should maybe just buy the item again and see if I actually get it. Well I don't like the thought of purchasing the same exact item twice, possibility of not receiving it again. To this point (during the time of it) it was getting late where I live and I spoke to my friends telling them I may not get on SL for a few months to this ordeal I'm having and I don't want to give LL any more of my money if I'm just going to get robbed of something I purchased. My question or possible questions with this depending on the outcome and who will respond to this is.. Do I take action and contact LL with this problem I'm having? Should I sue the company of Belleza with failure of not giving me my purchased item? Is this just some bug and I should wait it out? There's possibly other questions I have but as for now these are ones that come to mind. By any means I do not wish to sue the company of Belleza but if I have to go to legal actions I will. I either just want my money back or give me the mesh body I bought originally. Well that's my question(s) for this post. I just want someone else's view on this and maybe give me any answer they see fit. I'd like some insight on this and I'll go from there but until then I'll just wait. Thank you to whom ever reads this post. As proof I have a couple attachments to show the validity of my purchase and the error I kept getting (which is still happening now as I type this).
  5. Thank you so much! Yes I figured it out myself as I was looking at my snokra's skin that I bought from Marketplace but thank you again for this help! Problem solved
  6. So I'm currently trying to make my new Snokra Avatar. Having a hard time figuring out how to exactly make a Prism specular towards my Fur mane as you see here. https://gyazo.com/1027e578c4576c344d468d591aebbd5b Could anyone perhaps help in trying to figure out how I can do a rainbow like Specular? Thank you!
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