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  1. Well I contacted the Seller In-world, their website, facebook and youtube channel. Put in a support ticket as well. Thank you though for advise on this though. I just don't like being robbed of money in a virtual game.
  2. Well I just put in a Support Ticket to Linden Labs so I hope I get a response soon. I'm not particularly a patient person but I will give this at the very least 24-48 hours. I'm not in the best of moods at this time and all I wanted to do was make more avatars with the flexibility of having more than 1 mesh body (Maitreya Lara).
  3. How do I contact them? I tried going to their website putting in my information and it telling me it's invalid.
  4. This will be of a short story then goes on to being a question at the end, giving full detail. Saturday morning at 7AM EST time. I go on to hangout with friends and 2 hours pass deciding to get a new mesh body, Belleza Freya Mesh body. I go to their in-world store to make my purchase, going over to the full body 3 of your choice mesh bodies, Isis,Venus and Freya, I take notice on the Freya body and did not hesitate to purchase it,being around the total of 2500$L After my purchase I accepted the Item "-Belleza Freya Full (Wear me)" I look into my inventory and see that I did not recei
  5. Thank you so much! Yes I figured it out myself as I was looking at my snokra's skin that I bought from Marketplace but thank you again for this help! Problem solved
  6. So I'm currently trying to make my new Snokra Avatar. Having a hard time figuring out how to exactly make a Prism specular towards my Fur mane as you see here. https://gyazo.com/1027e578c4576c344d468d591aebbd5b Could anyone perhaps help in trying to figure out how I can do a rainbow like Specular? Thank you!
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