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  1. Ok thank you. It looks like my post was removed. I understand the rules. Sad there is no way to hold RP admins accountable for administrative abuse, but oh well. They help make the SL experience a negative one and that costs Linden Labs money in loss of participants.
  2. I shared an incident of being dealt with unfairly by admins on an RP sim without naming anyone. I hope that is OK vis-a-vis Linden Labs rules. If not, would a Linden Labs staff member contact me and if required, I will remove it.
  3. The Land of Khurin has been shut down for now due to lack of participation and funding. Thank you all for the time we had. At some point Kavarek and I plan to create a new sim, either with the same theme or a new one. Sincerely, Borelek Khurin
  4. Valar will not be played by guest-players to help avoid god-modding. If we need a Vala or Vali to be part of the plot, then Kavarek or I will supply one. Sincerely, Borelek
  5. Indeed, Canonical characters are allowed, since this is an alternate history, their backstories might be rather different than in the books. Consult with myself or with high king Kavarek to discuss it. We encourage total creativity in character creation. The only limitations are: the race must exist in Tolkien's framework, and superhuman creatures such as dragons, ents, balrogs, Nazgul etc. and canonical characters will be limited in number and must be cleared with Kavarek and myself. Come and enjoy helping co-create an alternate Middle Earth.
  6. Smaug attacks!!! High King Borelek, Lady Celebrian and Lord Finrod battle him to the death, after much toil and bloodshed they at last win victory over the Fire Drake. Smaug heavily wounded slinks back into mordor to heal. It will be at least a week before he can come to Khurin again.
  7. Sauron from his exile in the void has made incursion into the past of Middle Earth. Part of the Music of the Ainur has been unsung now, and Illuvatar awaits its resinging by his children both direct and adopted: humans, elves, dwarves, hobbits, beornings, ents, and even shades that seek release through honorable service. The restrictions on the Istari and other Maiar have been lifted and they are showing forth their true nature in this new alternate history and a battle with Sauron and his minions as he seeks to bring the spirit of Morgoth back into middle earth. Chief in this defense of the free people stands the united kingdom of Khurin, four races joined together in one realm and ruled by two noble Dwarven High Kings Borelek and Kavarek of the house of Khurin and allied with the free folk of the wildlands. Come and join us and be part of writing this new history of Middle Earth by your Role-play participation. Choose a race, choose to be a fighter, a mage, a tradesman or merchant, or any other role in our society. Come and join in the battle on the side of the free peoples or Mordor. We look forward to you being part of the unfolding story. Borelek, High King of The Kingdom of Khurin http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cupecoy Beach/66/205/23
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