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  1. They don't stop at blacklisting you from their sim. They badmouth you to the larger RP community. I innocently told people I was leaving a sim, not because I had issues with them, but to build my own sim, which had been a decade-long dream of mine. I did not name my sim or say anything about it, but got slammed by an admin who accused me of advertising. I was not advertising. I was giving a truthful reason, so no one would think I was angry at the sim. The response DID make me angry at them, so they generated the very thing they did not want. I kept it to myself though and did not take vengean
  2. When leaving a Roleplay Sim, just leave. DO NOT... Say goodbye to everyone in a group or discord chat - the owners and admins will hate you for it. Tell anyone but a close friend why you are leaving if it has anything to do with your experience on the Sim. it does not matter if you were wronged there, don't tell anyone or the owners and admins will demonize you forever if they find out. Tell anyone where you are going. This is the absolutely worst thing you can do, and letting people, even individual friends on the sim in private IM, know you are going to another sim or build
  3. Owners and administrators on sims are often warm and friendly, but a few are cold and brutal in directives or corrections of often unintended rule violations in character participation. Many long-time players on such sims will jokingly say OOC that the person in question is just "that way" and that they are all used to it. But I have noticed a consistent pattern. Players who excuse a hostile or sharp-spoken owner or high-up admin are usually part of the "family", "besties group" or staff clique and receive special benefits for that such as custom homes or higher prim allowances, so natur
  4. I had a very nervewracking experience on SL today. A sim, which I keep unnamed out of respect, held a gathering and I attended. Someone had told me in advance it would be an in-character event, so I began with RP posting and made 1-2 OOC comments in ((....)). I thought everything would be fine, but it quickly became clear from others' posts that I would not be able to tell IC apart from OOC here. Nevertheless, I responded IC to what I thought was an IC invitation from a character. My character, being new, acted wary and shy, but began to warm up. Suddenly out of the blue he is asked if that pe
  5. A previous thread of mine Reasons why RP sims fail, began with a long and rather negative list of don'ts largely taken from my own negative RP experiences. A real downer and rather judgemental! Well, I got some wonderful feedback and very thoughtful input from commentators on that post and have "repented" of my negativity. LOL So here is a simple 4-bullet list of what RP sim owners and staff CAN do to make their sim really Sing. Make it beautiful, immersive and fun with plenty of room for creativity within a consistent general framework of lore and race/class structure. Build a war
  6. Wonderful comments. So many good points. I agree with those who said my list is my personal take. How can it be otherwise? I like how many of you identified players and admins or owners who identify unhealthily with their RP Character, taking IC rejection or insults in a very RL personal way. On the flip side, I have met people who live and love through their character and can quickly become toxic in a romantic attachment that was begun purely IC and in which that was stated up front and agreed to. The mental condition of RL living inside your RP character is called Virtual Factitious Dis
  7. a former RP sim owner and experienced role player, race leader, and RP business owner, here are my conclusions about why so many RP sims on second life fail 1. Owner/Admin attitudes "My way or the highway" will drive people away. You do not have to accommodate every opinion, but you need to listen and show respect. "The guests owe us." No. guests do not owe you anything. They are your customers and if you want them to role play and possibly donate or rent from you, then you have to give them a superb experience. Developing a resentful attitude toward non-paying customers will
  8. Ok thank you. It looks like my post was removed. I understand the rules. Sad there is no way to hold RP admins accountable for administrative abuse, but oh well. They help make the SL experience a negative one and that costs Linden Labs money in loss of participants.
  9. I shared an incident of being dealt with unfairly by admins on an RP sim without naming anyone. I hope that is OK vis-a-vis Linden Labs rules. If not, would a Linden Labs staff member contact me and if required, I will remove it.
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