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  1. By cons, I can not reset the graphics settings, it's blocked!
  2. Thanks it works again
  3. Hello, I have been encountering bugs on my Niramyth avatar since last weekend. Bug on the hands and the pelvis (line of separation). I speak French and I do not know what to do to remedy this problem. What I already did: - Reinstalled Second Life - Download the Nyramith body again - Contact support If you could help me, thank you. Insert image from URL
  4. No, I'm not in the Niramyth group. Are they french bands?
  5. Thanks for the answers. For the Catwa heads, I knew we could take them off.. But I don't like the face of the Catwa head. and changes with cursors are limited, the result is not top. That's why I'm looking at the modifier with a mesh, but I can not find or very few mesh heads without the ears. It's for a furry avatar. Is there a way to personalize the Catwa head for which one looks more like me?
  6. Thank you for all the details. A second thing, can you tell me a store where to buy mesh heads without ears for Catwa or not?
  7. GreenMan44


    Hello, I am French and I am a beginner in SL. I do not know everything and I need your help. I want to create a bento avatar. I already have a niramyth body and I know it takes a catwa head. I can not find the head applicators for my avatar. I would like my avatar to look like the picture. I hope you can help me.
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