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  1. We are fairly sure its the same person. The original person was banned, argued their ban, and then we got two other people that argued the ban afterwards. All 3 speak the same way. All 3 had different stories... One had a story about how they were their 3d modeling employer and wondering how their employee was going to perform for them... and who was going to cover the losses of their employee not being able to upload mesh. They also stated that rules dont matter to them and that if we banned "them" they could just come back anyway because they were a colonel in the LT. Army. Which they said t
  2. Originally banned for breaking the rules listed on the rule board, arguing with a moderator, veiled threats of griefing. Extended ban based on harassment from 3 different accounts to every admin/mod online. Yep, we are tyrants on this sim guys... watch out for us...
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