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  1. Why are the thumbnails different then that actual videos?
  2. Yeah I'm sure they would all jeopardize 10k-20k a week, were apparently they weren't required to roleplay and have sex, for a SL romantic relationship. You must be quite the charmer. 😏
  3. You seem super interesting and would love to hang if I could. Question: can you see this comment?
  4. I guess that's true, but now this thread made me want to look around for empty sims with rez rights and little to no auto return even though I'm already renting a plot of land and don't really need it 😂
  5. It would actually be pretty interesting to see like a "hobo" sim of sorts where anyone can rez down a home or skybox and set there home there. They can be like given a certain amount of prims each and once all the prims are used up it would be "no vacancy" until someone leaves or is booted. I imagine it would sorta be chaos, but it would allow for a lot of newer residents, or even people who don't got the money, to have their own SL home for free. There can also be rules enforced and if residents don't follow them they get the boot. I'd totally set this up myself if I
  6. I'd actually love to adopt that look 😂. Please someone make this a thing in SL.
  7. Lol comedy gold 😂. Ironically, it was because of troll channels like her and the "the bad guys" that I decided to give second life a try.
  8. For me personally, I feel like if you don't bother to invest in how you look then you won't bother in a relationship. I also feel like if you aren't really putting money in the game you have no ties to stick around and you can just vanish outta the blue. SOoo... yeah I would say mesh matters to me. It might sound shallow, but honestly 8 times outta 10 I will approach someone by how they look. If I really like their appearance I'll try my best to spark up a conversation and then well a relationship. This usually only applies romantically, though, since I don't give a rat's beh
  9. Lmao. Ain't the right section for that bruh 😂🤣😂
  10. My place is pretty small, and admittingly not as impressive as some of the others, but I still find it cozy and I'm glade to call it home.
  11. Very gorgeous. I'm digging the aesthetic colors.
  12. This sounds perfect. I honestly wished they did do something like or similar to this idea. It would've made looking at people's profiles a bit more fun, not to mention you could get more information on a person before opening up a conversation with them.
  13. Thanks so much for the information. It is definitely very helpful, and I will be using these tips the next time I tp into a rp sim. I'll make sure to join the group too. Hopefully I find some like-minded people and we can make some beautiful stories together XD.
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