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  1. You're not the only one trying hun 😂 don't get your knickers in a twist
  2. Well it's an abandoned parcel. So there's possibly just one available at that moment and I'm not the only refreshing the land page so It doesn't only show up on my screen. The person who gets the parcel is probably just faster than you by just a millisecond
  3. I swear my finger is gaining abs from pressing the f5 button the past week 😂
  4. My heart breaks every time I see that 😂. It just means someone got it faster than you
  5. Almost got another one a while ago, I'm hoping to get a traditional one. Will try ny luck again tomorrow
  6. It's almost 2 am for me This is me refreshing the page rn :
  7. I almost got one just now, felt like I had a mini heart attack when I saw It on my screen lmao😂😂
  8. Ooop, was interested with the job but saw that it's unavailable now. Oh well, I'm interested in working at your clinic if ever you have new job openings 😊. Best of luck to you and your business
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