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  1. I can confirm I am finally fixed. It was indeed an inventory issue which LL sorted out with a script. Thanks all for the help.
  2. Well I know Chyna did get her issue sorted within 24 hrs, they went and fixed her inventory. Ive sent two tickets now, the first being last Wednesday and I am still waiting they are still being "processed" . Literally nothing I can do I just stop logging in out of frustration
  3. Still no response from LL. Will do as soon as they sort it. Very frustrating
  4. Thank you Whirly I messaged them yesterday but will do so again with what you just said. It is definitely an inventory issue. Not a premium member as this was just a RP alt (albeit a very expensive all meshed out one). Hoping they get back to me soon and understand the issue as well as you just did, its no fun being a cloud to everyone else or odd shape to everyone else.
  5. Yes tried all of those ideas, everyone sees me as a cloud, I see myself normal after some messing about but no one else does. All my other avis are fine and normal. Even they see this particular avatar as a cloud also. I did the whole system eyes, system skin, shape etc, char test, rebulding from scratch I really cant understand it. Submitted a ticket maybe its a server issue. Thank you for the help though
  6. On log in I can see both my mesh avatar and the noob default avatar underneath. I have tried resetting back to noob and re attaching everything but it doesn't change it (even with different full body alphas from different stores.) I updated the FS bridge. I have relogged, tried logging in after removing all at various sims to help and even did a clean reinstall of FS and installed the LL viewer too. The LL viewer does the same as the FS viewer shows the same issue. Thought it might be a PC issue but the same thing happens when using a different PC or even the phone on lumiya. The only thing I have found to fix it on my side is if I go into edit shape. I don't need to actually change my shape at all I just need to click edit shape 9without moving sliders or saving) and I appear normal again. However, that is only on my screen, others see me still clouded or a funny shape. When I try to change shape for them to see if they see difference they say I don't change at all. My gf who is a creator said perhaps try with new eyebrow, system skin and a new shape as a way to reset it and start over, we tried this too and still nothing worked. I even went as far to get redeliveries of my body, head and tried to make a new shape to save and start over in hope it fixed but it still is the same mesh/noob issue on a relog. Does anyone know what might have caused this? I tried to see if my alt was effected but they are absolutely fine with no issues.
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