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  1. So I have it set to 100 hit points and for each shot to reduce it by one(was set to 10hp and 1 hp per hit but it started jumping straight down to 0 or -1 so I increased it 10x) It still can only take one hit for some reason.


    *EDIT* Never mind I think I fixed it. Thanks again for your help



  2. 8 minutes ago, Rolig Loon said:

    This is the fun part of scripting, the logic.  What you seem to be trying to say is "If you get hit by something going faster than X speed, and if hp (whatever that is) is positive, look broken."

    So write that:

    if ( llVecMag( llDetectedVel(0) ) > SpeedX && hp > 0 )
        // break the window

    Just be sure that SpeedX and hp are both defined within the scope of your event, or are global.  Oh, and don't use a collision event.  Use collision_start.

    Well I'm trying to allow for multiple hits before actually breaking. Growing up I shot out old windows with a .22 that we got from demo jobs and I know that a projectile unless large enough will not completely destroy a window with one shot, which is what I'm trying to achieve; I have the hit points  set right but the second I add a velocity regulation everything seems to go crazy, will this cover that?

  3. I'm working on a script but seem to be running into issues when it comes to having multiple requirements without having a specific order to which they are completed or confirmed as met to getting the script to work. For example, I am trying to design a breakable window, but I don't want anything under "x" amount of velocity to be allowed to damage the hit points. 

    (this is only part of the script)

    collision(integer num)


    if(vel < llVecMag(llDetectedVel(0)) && hp > 0)





    If any of you can help I would greatly appreciate it, if you need more to help I'll be happy to give it and if you see that I'm doing anything wrong PLEASE let me know.. I'm getting frustrated with it.

  4. In features you can make an object create light, I have been trying for some time to find a way to control the light so that it doesn't go through objects (i.e. Floors if it's a ceiling light, walls if it's a street light, and even cove lights which are only supposed to light up the side of wall they are directed at.) I've been playing for almost 12 years and I never looked to deep into it because traditionally we used glow and a secondary object with a gradient or shadow texture. In hopes of finding a better solution I was told to post here and I hope y'all can help or at the very least tell me there really is no way to control the light function and I will start learning to bake multiple textures(light on & light off)

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