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  1. 💕 hi IM raw3r1 rawr im cute arent i ? fear me (joke) im just gonna induce my self before i say anymore dorky stuff ( i have disabilty so i mostly voice if this all runs into together sry ) so im just getting into this life style id love to be babygirl but i dont wanna be (used and abused ) about me 😻 im from canada n/w BC im 23 and pansexual im genderfluid and bit of tomboy i like Gothic / emo/ kawaii stuff im very kind heart girl almost sensitive type but i can be brutally honest all the time im sarcastic dork im sassy but love to honesty being spoiled and making sure my other half feels good to i love deep convetions and voicing im mostly i BDSM cuddly type (im a switch) hobbies irl : im a at home artist i make furry plushies i watch anime and play secondlife i love singing also writing stories and poems i sing learning guitar i like my anime plushies maaan... personilty :kind, loving caring , weebou , nerdy , cuties ,cat like , younger acting (cant help it) flirty ,sassy (love to talk back but it a cutsy type ) submissive) random secondlife me : im alot more outgoing then irl i love to make friends plz be pacntinet with me as i do draw while im on secondlife i love colaring to i do work at furry club as dancer may escort soon what im looking for : first off i want someone who is ope to comintication like discordand sl for now maybe irl someday plz no one just to use me for sex i will catch on to this ... plz dont use and abuse me we can discuss some rules i want someone who will be genital with me and respect i dont want sex 24/7 dont mind im sasy ( can put me in my place kindly) lets make some rules for irl and sl okay im dancer at furry club ... im open to furrys i had to start new due to some file issuies IM (raw3r1) or comment https://gyazo.com/00cbfddd19cd06dec3358c168140c135 ( dont judge i had to restart)
  2. ellow im new id love to be friends ❤️
  3. oi my wonderful slers my file is 8 days old i had to start new due to some personal stuff anyone hiring host with good tips or furry clubs need dancers? i have experience in dancing and hosting ive been in second-life for 10 years but my file is non mesh
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