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  1. Gotta say your take on the Princess is pretty stellar!
  2. A darker look than what I'm used to, but still not so dark that it feels odd.
  3. Looking for a 1/4th place to rent that is empty so it requires no landscaping. Terrain should be flat as well. Please message me here or in world, but please note I might not in world until much later on today.
  4. Never read the book but watched the movie. Let's just say I would prefer to actually play in a virtual world than watch a movie about one.
  5. If you live on an adult land it is perfectly fine for children to come over. It's your home, you pay rent tier so you make the rules. Other places, namely clubs in which adult activities go on have strict no child avatars policies because, well, adult activities. Really, I'd assume children could even go on those lands by TOS standards but landowners say no child avatars because there are very bad eggs who do bad things (you know what I mean) which is one thousand percent against TOS. So no, it doesn't matter the rating of the land you live on. As long as no rules are being broken you can have over who you want.
  6. Sweetie, this is Second Life. Gay, straight, whatever has no connotations on what avatar or avatar parts you wear.
  7. Hallo Mirë dita Hej Annyeong Hola Konnichiwa and lastly Hi
  8. How I look when I switch between my dragon and human form. Don't be afraid, children.
  9. Omg I didn't realize there was a hands alpha! I just clicked all because the diagram didn't show hands so foolishly I assumed it wasn't an option. I just logged in to check to see if I'm that big of a dumb *** and yep, I totally am. Thank you so much!
  10. Typically, no. In fact, the only time I speak in RL about online social games is when something really, really funny/interesting happens. For example; when I used to play vrchat religiously and got "kidnapped" by somewhere wearing a Uganda Knuckles avatar and was taken to an amusement park where be bought me cotton candy and then took me to the vrchat courthouse to sign adoption papers. That was...something. Needless to say if something that tier happens on SL I tell people about it.
  11. I could really use some help with this. Right now with the current outfit, I'm using its not a big deal, but as soon as I change clothes it will be. Nails show up but hands are absent no matter how many times I relog or reattach.
  12. The human form of my dragon, Eclipse. She purposely has no sense of style and is dressed messily because she's a dragon masquerading as a human, silly! Also for some reason my bento hands keep are invisible but that's okay because it kind of suits Eclipse's sloppy style like she wears clothes 2x too big and her hands disappear into the fabric.
  13. Though I do not wish to close this thread (in the hopes of finding one even better) I did find a fairly decent solution in resur's Pearl skin tone.
  14. So far I've wasted money on two skins that don't work with this head, as in they are all wrong and don't even remotely match up. I don't want to throw away any more money. Can anyone point me in the direction of a demo that might work and make this mesh head almost seamless with the maitreya body? P.S. Ignore me being wigless.
  15. Huge high five for having amazing taste in movies!
  16. 😀 It's a chibi noodle avatar with a Spirited Away mod
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