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  1. I agree so much. Outside of actually carrying on a conversation, profile snooping will tell you so much more about a person than how well or unwell their avatar looks. That's why I don't judge based on avatars. As far as I know my future best friend could be wearing a newb avi! Profiles can tell you so much about a person's interests, hobbies, and sometimes their lives (RL or SL or both) and even their temperaments, as I've come across some angrily worded profiles before. How someone can so clearly manage to sound so angry in so many words is kind of impressive though, not going to lie. Profil
  2. Hey there. Maybe we can be friends, or at least start a dialogue and see if we click. What kind of interests/hobbies do you have other than Guild Wars? I used to play that too, my main was a Charr.
  3. Inworld for everything but gachas. I hate to spend 50$L ten times to get the one gacha I want, but in the wrong color 😆
  4. I think there are plenty of people who don't mind, then again there are many who do. I would like to voice but I've yet to find someone who felt the same. Maybe it's the type of sims I hang out on, or maybe it's the fact I've yet to make really close friends, though I do have friends. Voice would be fun given the right mood. Regardless, if you don't want to voice/cam/whatever then don't. It's your Second Life and you make the rules. If someone's turned off by that then oh well.
  5. This. I went through three heads from three very popular brands. Couldn't seem to get them to the point I was satisfied/they had no good shapes/their huds were lacking. Then I found my head and I've never been happier. Whatever you do, OP: DEMO DEMO DEMO and search around for shapes too. Like Fairre said, it indicates it can give you a variety of looks and therefore more mileage in the long run.
  6. I have a specific style I'm trying to emulate inside. A kawaii/Kpop-inspired type look. I've included some pictures of a tiny place that has a style similar to what I like. (I can also take you to the inworld place to get an even bigger picture of the style.) For the outside I want pretty standard with a fence, walkway and shrubbery, a gated pool, nothing really that unique. I'm not looking for a rushed, I'll your asking price and I want you to take your time crafting something awesome that I'll love to spend time at and will scream me. You don't have to get it all done in one day, I understa
  7. I have an RTX 2070 so not that much difference, and it runs great for me. I can run the game on highest setting , full screen, with all shaders, and I have level of details up to max on everything. It's a world of difference between these RTX cards and my old 1050, let me tell you. I'd say it's a great purchase.
  8. As in, classes that teach one how to roleplay? I seem to vaguely remember someone mentioning in passing that there was such a community, but that was months ago. Searching yielded zero results. I really want to learn how to RP. Or maybe I should say, RP well. I've been trying to and I'm drawing blanks. I would love to learn tips and pointers! edit: I'm interested in a Tolkienesque roleplaying.
  9. I used to love tattoos in real. So much so that in the course of one year I got three. Luckily they were small but I still regret them because I was one of those impulsive people who didn't sit and think it over well enough. Tattoos are nice, and often beautiful on other people but I no longer want any on my own body and am actively saving up for removal. In Second Life I don't have any tattoos even though they aren't nearly as permanent 😉 My thoughts on tattoos summed up: Beautiful pieces of art...on someone else.
  10. I'm not one to change my avatar a lot. Be it the actual looks of it or clothes. I was wearing my previous clothes for about a year. This is why I only have like three full outfits in my inventory. Having said that, the itch came to look different, so I drastically changed my avatar. See you guys in this thread in another year lmao
  11. You sound like someone I could get along with and we seem to have a lot in common, and I'll chill with you while you sort your inventory too, but that's something I never have to do because my inventory is pathetically almost barren 😅 Should I IM you or would you like to? Regardless I look forward to speaking with you!
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