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  1. Or, you can just click the "Sell Land" button on the "General" tab of your "Land" window. I you list a selling price low enough, someone will eventually buy it. I sold my previous parcel that way. I just listed a price about 80% of what similar parcels were selling for, and 10 days later someone bought it.

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  2. 4 hours ago, justin Brouwer said:

    ...I was planning to bid on several large lots, it would have entailed me bringing in and converting $1000.00 USD into lindens. If I win, no problem. But, if my bids do not win, I am not about to leave $1000.00 USD in my account....

    Say you bid on 20 properties worth 50US$ each. Say you won all 20 auctions. Would you have bought all 20? If that is the situation, what is the problem? You wanted to spend 1000US$ on Second Life virtual land, so if you didn't win all your bids, why wouldn't you have just leave the money in your Second Life account, and kept bidding on other properties until you acquired all the land you wanted? (Though, I have to wonder if you understand that owning that much land would likely cost you hundreds of US$ per month in "land use fees", in addition to your monthly SL fee.)

    What it's sounding like to me is, you actually only intended to buy one property, even though you bid on many in hopes of winning an auction, and you intended to flip the bird to the sellers of your other winning auctions. Be aware, if you did that in First Life, you'd probably go to jail. And Second Life is, in some very real ways, a subset of First Life. The fact that L$ and US$ are interchangeable is a huge clue in that regard. It means that if you stiff someone out of their hard-earned L$, you're also stiffing them out of the their hard-earned US$. In The Meat World that would constitute "fraud". In The Linden World, it just a bloody nuisance, because the land doesn't actually change ownership unless and until you pay for it. But it's still somewhat fraudulent because you're wasting the time (which = real-world money) of the sellers who thought they were finally going to be able to convert no-longer-needed land into money, only to find that the winning bidder flaked-out on them, so they have to put it back on the market and wait some more.

    So, if you want to know why the rule change, I'm pretty sure that's why.

    My suggestion on how to proceed is, if you just want to acquire one piece of land, then bid on one at a time. Auctions are games, similar to poker, and no such games give "guarantees of success". So roll the dice and take your chances. And if you win, pay up, 'cause it's your land, now. You bought it, you own it.

    On a related note, see the video below, which is a 3-second excerpt from the 1989 movie "Pet Sematary":


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  3. On 3/20/2019 at 3:52 PM, steph Arnott said:

    It ceased five odd years ago. 'why?' have no idea, even if i did it would be useless information. 

    Oh, I dunno. I've often found historical "why's" to be useful information, though the uses may only manifest months or years after learning them.


  4. On 3/20/2019 at 7:04 AM, Rolig Loon said:

    Fake? No, you are just reading a post that was made eight years ago.  SL changes a lot in that much time.  You should be very surprised when ancient advice (and especially directions to a specific spot) is still valid.  The College was an institution in SL for many, many years.

    Re "Fake", no, I said "lake". 🙂 Nope, that wasn't a typo. If you don't believe me, go there; you'll find it's a lake, not a fake.

    Re "8yrs... changes a lot...", yep, appears so, in 2nd Life as in 1st. To bad, the college sounds like a kind of thing that would be very useful. Are there any other entities like it (that teach LSL programming, object construction, etc) still around?

  5. On 3/14/2019 at 7:09 AM, Blush Bravin said:

    ...use textures that match perfectly...

    In my neighborhood (in Rancourt, on the main east-west road through central Zindra), most of the driveways don't match the road at all. See the attached photo. The road is black asphalt. But note that in the background you see my neighbor's driveway which is brown with ornate swirls, and in the middle is my driveway which is bright orange-red bricks. Note that while my driveway just barely abuts the gutter, my neighbor's driveway actually covers the gutter. I haven't seen any problems with the driveways getting "returned" though, even though they extend about 2-3 meters into Lindon land. (Note that the ditch I'm standing in in this photo is actually Linden land; my property is the 1024sm square parcel to the right of the green line in the photo.)


  6. On 3/9/2019 at 11:43 PM, Ethan Paslong said:

    If a Linden or Mole finds your driveway hanging over the edge of your land  your additional driveway will be deleted .. as on all parcels, roadsides don't allow encroaching objects. 

    Yes, I've read that officially that's true.

    However, in practice, many roadside parcels have driveways over the ditches alongside the roads. The driveways usually don't overlap the road itself, but do extend beyond the property line in order to bridge the ditch that typically lies alongside the roads.

    In my current neighborhood, most of the houses have driveways that do this. My driveway extends to within about 1cm of the roadway. My next-door neighbor's driveway actually overlaps the roadbed itself by about 10cm. So far, neither my driveway nor my neighbors' have been "confiscated" that I've seen. Now, if someone is driving a car down the road and a driveway flange causes them to spin out of control and they get mad and complain to SL admin, then I imagine there would be consequences.

  7. 6 hours ago, BilliJo Aldrin said:

    Roadside is always the way to go. I prefer it to protected water, since protected water is often outrageously priced. What I love is that people walking by can just drop in, and that I can walk out my front door and walk for hours, exploring if I so wish

    Aye, I love it. I just bought a 1024sm parcel on that main east-west road in southern Zindra. It's a quiet residential neighborhood. Not the parcel I was looking at when I started this thread. I kept seeing roadside land at L$25K/1024sm but didn't want to pay US$100 for "virtual" land. Then I found a parcel for $10K, but it still seemed pricey. But then I saw this parcel for just L$5000 and grabbed it. Fate favors the stubborn shopper. 🙂

    Next up, install a driveway over the shallow ditch on the edge of the road to easy car & motorcycle access. (A friend just gave me a car; I haven't even rezzed it yet. And I already have a motor scooter. I'm looking into getting a rideable horse, but I hear they're expensive.)

  8. (Hmmm. I can't see a way to edit or delete my previous comment, so I'll just add to it.)

    For those looking to see all objects and prims on a parcel you own, this method also works well:

    First, install the latest version of Phoenix Firestorm and use that as your viewer. The log-in and go your parcel and stand in the middle. Then click World / Area Search. Customize the search tool by setting "filter" to "This Parcel Only", then click "Apply" and "Refresh". That will give you a break-down of all objects on your parcel.

  9. Hello, Drake 1 Nightfire. Re "you did it anyway?", yes, I sure did. 🙂 I'll reply to something that's 2000 years old (such as The Bible) or 3000 years old (such as The Bhagavad Gita) if I think I have something new to add. Years of yore may be gone, but they're not forgotten. This is the story of J... (wait, wrong song)

    Re "You think the OP still needs that info?", probably not, but many new residents do, and their searches for info will lead them here (which is how I got here).

    Re "Area Search", what's that? Wait, let me look in my FS menu... ah, yes, that's cool, thanks for the tip. I'll edit that into my comment. (Or replace the comment, actually, seeing as how I can apparently no-longer edit it.)

  10. 15 hours ago, Alyona Su said:

    ...a parcel surrounded by other parcels *could* have all your views blocked, access made more difficult...

    Yep, such as, all 4 of your neighbors decide to uncheck the "anyone can visit" box, thus walling you in with ban lines. And since I'm locating in Zindra because I like to fly to locations there, that would be unacceptable to me. Hence, I've been looking at roadside square 1024sm parcels (to avoid Tilia "land use fees" for anything over 1024). The first time I came across "protected", it threw me; but I'm starting to get clued-in that it's SL realtor talk for "has protected land along at least one edge", not that the parcel itself is "protected land".

    I suppose it stands to reason that real estate sales jargon in Second Life will have it's own vernacular just as in First Life. It's taking me a while to learn. (Though I've been in SL since 2013, until recently I've been on a "Free" acct. I just took the plunge into "Premium" about 10 days ago, so I'm still learning about buying land, buying houses, etc. I currently own a 512sm landlocked parcel, and I'm looking to upgrade to 1024sm roadside.)

  11. 7 minutes ago, Chic Aeon said:

    PROTECTED generally means that there  cannot be a neighbor RIGHT NEXT to you. So linden road or water are the most likely neighbors....

    Ah, that's probably it, then; the realtors mean "bounded by protected land on at least one edge". Some of these parcels labeled "protected" I've been looking at do have neighbors on 1, 2, or 3 sides, but all have a road on 1 side. It certainly makes accessing one's own land easier.

    So, that clarifies things. Thanks!

    I think I will buy that roadside land I was looking at.

  12. I'm considering buying a 1024sm piece of land in Zindra from a reality company, but it's marked "Protected" by the seller. However, that doesn't seem likely. It's privately owned, not Linden-owned. It's marked "For sale to anyone". It has no covenant. It's marked "may be resold, joined, or subdivided". So, how can it be "protected"? Or, is the seller misusing the word "protected"? Or, is something else going on? (I IM'd the seller, but he's off-line. So I figured I'd sound-out the community on meanings of the word "protected" that I may not be aware of.)

    [Later Addendum: I'm now seeing "protected" on other private land for sale, all on roads, so apparently it's being used in a way I'm not familiar with. something to do with roads?]

  13. On 9/1/2011 at 9:20 AM, Domitan Redenblack said:

    Is there a way to get a list of objects, with prim counts and owners in a parcel?

    Area search, parcel objects, etc, do not give a broken down list with prim counts.


    This is a pretty extreme necro-reply (8 years after the fact), but as of March 2019, there are now new ways to easily find every object on one's land, and exactly how many prims each object uses. Just install the latest version of Phoenix Firestorm, use that as your viewer, log-in, and go to the Region in which your land is located (you don't need to be standing on your land, but you do need to be in its Region). Then click Build / Pathfinding / Region-Objects. That will list every object in that region. Sort by owner. Then, assuming that all of the objects on your land are owned by you, and all of the objects on others' land are not owned by you, then the objects under your name will be the objects on your land, and the prim count is shown for each object. The numbers can be flabbergasting. Some objects I thought would have 5-10 prims have 15-30. (My living-room couch has 18 prims! It's just a frickin' couch! How can it have 18 prims?? But I only paid L$10 (about 4¢) for it, so it's no big loss; I'll just replace it.)

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  14. A bit of an old question (from 5 years ago) but since I stumbled into it, I might as well answer.

    As others pointed out, if you are a non-adult, or if you didn't start your own Second Life account (free or premium) directly from the Second Life website (that is, you're on someone else's account), there may be restrictions on your movements. Speak to the account owner.

    But if you're an adult and you just started your own account, then there are two ways to get off Starter Island:

    1. Complete the tutorial, following all the instructions. (This is recommended if you're new to Second Life.)
    2. Or, just click the Home button (house-shaped icon) and you will be transported to an infohub set as your "home", unless you made a premium account and specifically asked for a "Linden Home" in which case you will be transported there instead. (This option is best for people with previous Second Life experience as it skips the tutorial entirely.)
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