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  1. so I have a problem. For some reason I can't change my profile pic. I spent 40L trying to change it but it's still not working. can someone tell me who I can contact or do please
  2. give me your username so i can contact u in game 😜
  3. well i like talking about these things in game and in personal chat. If i have to do it again i will. Thank u!
  4. https://gyazo.com/73217e60b7f8561121b6d3f5874e5e9f i dont understand sorry im dumb lol
  5. I'm a young, playful and funny woman looking for a kind and understanding sugar daddy/mommy (or a person who can spoil me). Not a romantic relationship, free to roleplaying and new things.I prefer someone with well maintained avatar and who speaks English fluently. For more information contact me in game please! u: yoyonkova3
  6. aye any other bulgarians here?
  7. yoyonkova3


    hello everyone i've been in SL for more than an year and i dont have even one friend. i dont have anyone to talk to and stuff. if youre a nice person that wants to be my friend and will text with me everyday (regulary) please add me im really kind. u: yoyonkova3 ❤️
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