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  1. Hi Allegra, It's quite funny .. this is my first time in this forum, and I stopped here by reading your name. It may be coincidence and your name is of a person I know from distance. I only say that I love to go dancing mostly to one club. Maybe there can be many Allegra's, but if you are that one or not, this isn't so important. I like to read profiles and shopping and dancing ... well I'd love to read you in-game. The most funniest thing would be when we talk next time at our favorite dance club (if you're that Allegra). If not, no problem. Sometimes I have due to timezone issues, very lonesome moments. So maybe a good friendship can give us both a nice time.
  2. Okay I think I understand. I wished you could find the list and you maybe can send it to me inworld. That would help very much. Cool, very useful hints, thank you. The next time when I will be online again I will think of your words. It's not easy, but I will give it a try. And yes, no make up, I will trust I should have known earlier, I once bought a demo of that head. But around 2 years before I didn't have ambitions like today. Is Ga:eg Omega friendly? However, I will search in Google. If anyone has additional infos just tell me.
  3. In my last months I took the chance and spent much money in different mesh bodies. And I spend the most time in Maitreya, Tonic and sometimes e-body. They are definitely my favorites. My favorite head's are LAQ Neve and since some days Catwa Catya. Since some weeks I try myself on different ages, being older or younger. But with that new challenge I quickly ended on my abilities ... I found out some good blogs about proportions of body parts and how to edit my shape to give it a well proportioned shape according to my wanted age. Fortunately I had a good eye in that. With my body. But my efforts ended when I wanted to give my heads a better form. Each age has different body proportions, and their face too. For example "Kindchen Schematic" when being 14 or younger. Can someone give me a hint how I can improve my look when using the above named head's? Looking in marketplace is no solution to me, I ended up with things that I don't like. I would like to understand, what sliders at my Bento head I must use to make me look maybe more 30, 20, or just a 18 or 14 years old girl? I was searching for slider numbers, their correlation, and so on. Well, nothing found. As you should know, I am always looking for being in "normal" size, everything over 1,80 meters and less than 1,50 meters are my personal extremes and out of discussion. Any help?
  4. Thank you to each of you. @Fionalein after carneval time I will look for that place you mentioned. If I had known that you are also here, I would have asked you inworld. But good anyways, for being in SL since nearly 10 years (included my very first Ava) it's really time to take a look into SL Forum @Rolig Loon the link to knowledge base helped me for the beginning. I missed something like a grid. Now it's much better. @ChinReyyour link helped me too. Now I have a "base" to begin my first steps.
  5. Hello everybody, this is my very first post here, and I hope you are gentle with me ... I am beginning to learn some builder things. Now after doing copy and paste I come to the question how I can easily cut a prim in two halfs. I am sure that someone can help me. I was tring to search about that matter in great www but I found nothing. Maybe there is a tutorial where I can read more as only cut and copy and paste, this is easy ... I hope there is. Gabrielle
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