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  1. I'd like to explore there but I have to wait until my account is old enough. I'll swing by there when it is though as I would love to maybe enter a community or at the very least get a job (I want to be an SL dentist lol)
  2. I am interested!
  3. Just my luck that I come back to Second Life and all my old friends have either left the game or I can no longer remember their names. C'est la vie. I'm open to meeting, chatting, and hopefully befriending anyone. Just be chill and cool - easy requirements, right? A bit about me: I'm a female in my twenties. I enjoy anime (some, anyway), fighting video games, and I have a slight rabbit obsession. I tend to like to talk so a lot so be forewarned. Vague description, I know but one thing I'm not good at talking about is myself So let's chat sometime?
  4. *Update* Just really need some stairs now as there is a huge drop off my my house to the beach lol
  5. Would it be called landscaping? 😅 My home is pretty generic but I like it, at least on the inside. Outside it's just too plain for me. I have only around 395 prims free so if anyone can work within that prim count and make things look nice I'd love to talk to you. Tell me your price? Feel free to contact me in-world! Thank you
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