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  1. In RL I am a computer tech. It would be a task to setup my Chromebook for sl. Listen Rolig she is correct. Yes, there are workarounds because yes anything can be done but is it worth it NO. You will put in hours and hours setting up a Chromebook and it will be a huge disappointment. You can honestly get a computer at an outlet for the price of a Chromebook that you can run SL on and be much happier. If you ae extremely techie and want to try it and see for yourself the power to you but I think you will come to the same conclusion.
  2. Okay good advice! I got some bad info along the way. Perhaps outdated. Said Linden charged 1000 dollar setup plus.
  3. Want to buy a region and want to know if this is only placed to look. Don't want to mess with Linden Lab.
  4. A question I have an original face that I have made look like I want it to look, I have a Maitreya mesh body that I have made look along with sliders look like I want. I have only one issue. I have two sets of hands because the Maitreya body has the Bento hands which are really great but both the original skin hands and the Bento's hands are showing? Any advice ?? This Mesh body is so difficult I am afraid to do anything to it. Does it get better ??
  5. Okay did another incredibly stupid noob thing. I got a horse and all was going great until we went off into the water. It didnt swim. It went straight to bottom and no amount of walking, trying to fly it out while riding it, hitting to to home seems to work. It is an ABC retired horse just for riding. Any thoughts I am at my last thoughts.
  6. Especially for a very new person to mesh. Thank you all very much!!
  7. So sorry. They put the word Maitreya in. Don't want to offend anyone.
  8. Thank you for the link !!!! I appreciate it. Was in the Second Life Shopping and you get Maitreya everything. Apparently, everything brands itself as Maitreya. Thank You again for the link!!
  9. Where is the main store ?? You can't find it. There is Maitreya this and that but nothing to tell you main store !!
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