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  1. Thank you everyone for the advice! I really truly appreciate all the responses, specially since I'm new to the whole buying land thing. I went around looking in some of these areas and some are not set for sale on the map but the parcel says in the description that it is, so I will be contacting some owners to see if they are willing to split the land because they are big parcels. I'm going to really go through land carefully since it would be a big purchase. I actually just need the land to go under with terraforming so there's water underneath (I won't be raising the land) because I have a floating forest as a home. 😬
  2. I recently bought a little piece of land (1024 in size) and noticed some parcels have a prim limit of 702 and they are 1024 in size. I was interested in some of these parcels but their prices are very high. Some near $500! Eventually, I would really like to splurge on one since I've been on SL for almost 8 years now and I always come back. Is there any easy way to search for these double prim parcels? If I can't directly search for them, are there any areas on Zindra that are mostly water or can be terraformed to allow water AND are double prim? So I can keep an eye out and hope a 1024 parcel opens eventually.
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