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  1. Hope it's not too late to revive this thread without getting yelled at but I'm biracial if it counts. I don't RP as a black avatar though or a human at all but I am open to talking to anyone and I'd love to talk to other people of color.
  2. Sounds fine to me because the same tbh. I'm just using the forums right now.
  3. Will do when I get some SL time in.
  4. I hate to sound out of the Second Life loop (I am) but flexi hair is still a thing? I remember that used to so huge but by the time I left it had all but from what I could see died out. Shame too, I thought it looked cool. Kind of glad to hear it still has a consumer base. Wish I could help OP but I will say I love OP's icon lol
  5. I'll participate! My account is new but I was once a very avid SL player. In Real I'm a 27-year-old female (my birthday is soon!) living in the United States. In Second Life I'm playing as a cat (possibly male, I haven't decided yet). So yeh. Big difference lol. I really enjoy talking and making friends but sometimes am very awkward when first getting to know someone. I hope to connect to people who are willing to push through that awkwardness with me. My real life hobbies include reading, watching tv shows (cough*Iloveanime*cough), going shopping and out eat, and playing with
  6. I'd like to input what other's have said. I think it might not be rare but fewer ladies are willing to admit it. On my old account, I had two sets of avatars - standard male and a nicer female one. I spent far more time in female form because it felt most natural. I was just myself. But when I played as a guy it was very fun because to me it felt like truly taking on another persona. I wasn't bogged down by thoughts of "What would I do? What should I say?". It wasn't a natural feeling but it was as if donning a new identity that was completely moldable and not weighed down by my own inse
  7. I took a well-needed break from Second Life about two years ago. Most of my friends had stopped playing and I was growing bored, so exploring Real seemed like a good move. It was a good move. But now I'm back with a new account and am hoping to make new connections and create new memories. Consider this my re-introduction. (I'm open to friends of all sorts. Reach out and let's see if we have a connection!) Feels good to be back.
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