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  1. Hey guys my name is Noelle Cristian. I'm 22 years old in real life and I'm highly skilled in the art of role play. I'm looking for a decent paying job and I'm willing to fill whatever position i am offered. I'm highly dedicated, friendly, hardworking and reliable. My availability is open and scheduling is flexible. With proper training i can do whatever I'm needed to do. So if your looking for a personal assistant, hostess, dancer, bartender ect. I'm your girl. I keep business 100% professional. If your interested in meeting and scheduling an interview with me just send a direct message or I.M me on SL. My user is Honeydipped0112. Look forward to hearing from you guys xoxo
  2. 1. Name, Noelle Cristian name, Honeydipped0112 Age, 22 Gender, Female 2. When did you join second life? 2/1/19 3. Do you have experience with medical roleplay? No, but If trained properly can get the job done 4. Are you willing to work hard and bring success to this company? I can be 100% dedicated to the job and cause at hand. 7. What do you think you'd bring to our team? I can bring exceptional rp skills, a jubilant, positive and friendly attitude. 8. What position are you applying for? Im open to learning and training for a position which i am needed. ( Doctor, Midwife, Doula, Pregnancy class coach, etc) 9. When will be your best shift time? My availibility is flexible so whenever I am needed we can negotiate. 10. Are you willing to work for tips/ and or a small commission? Yes we can negotiate. Looking forward to hearing from you soon xoxo
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