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  1. I guess that when you open the fridge, the content of the fridge is there whether the light is turned on or not. Not like when you land back to your home and see everything turning and rezzing all around you, finally filling the void under your feet after 10-15 seconds. Also I like to cam in others homes to enjoy and inspire their decors, as well as I like others people doing so with my home. Seeing only some of their furnitures/accessories suspended in the void because their homes are not rezzed is disappointing and ridiculous. I've checked some multiscenes on the ground too and that is so bad to see parcels around being empty or with just, here again, some furnitures/accessories suspended in the air. That ruins the immersion feeling. I'm on SL for immersion feeling, what about you ? And finally, I also love, when I struggle in RL, to know that in my virtual world my little home is there, waiting for me.
  2. I did not know that being able to change the home meant that it would vanish when nobody is in. So there is no possibility to keep the chosen home rezzed no matter if someone is in or not. Thx for the info. Of course I will move to another location.
  3. Hello, I did not know that it exists but it does : I rent a multiscene skybox to an agency and have found out that when people are inside, it rezzes but when people leave, it vanishes. I did not know it would work that way : it's not explained in the informative notecards, nor by the owners. I understand it's a great system for prims saving, but I payed for 4 weeks and am disappointed because for diverse reasons I loose completely the immersive feeling by knowing and seeing my home rezzing only when I land in there... I have contacted the owners, but no response yet. I would like to know if you knew about this system, what do you think about it and if you think it's possible to stop it. Thank you !
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