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  1. (Speaking OOC) Extremely social. Deceptively intelligent. Forever misunderstood. I'm talking about bats. Despite the fact that only an extremely small portion carry diseases and an even more minuscule portion drink blood (most are insectivores and herbivores) bats have gotten the bad wrap since just about the beginning of time. Though in real life they are far from an ideal pet to have as they require far more room than mostly well-meaning owners can provide, and they suffer from depression when isolated from their own kind - but in Second Life anything is possible! Most people think my avatar is creepy but I disagree. If you ask me bats are incredibly cute. The batty character I play is named Choerry. She is a fruit bat. Fruit bats are known as megabats and are among the largest in the world. They exclusively eat fruit (no blood sucking tonight!) She is inquisitive like most bats, and highly social, again, like most bats. Choerry rarely walks on the ground so if you are in her company she'll likely be flapping her wings. I joined SL in January and have had an immense amount of fun but I feel like my roaming days are behind and I would like to attempt to find a nice set of people to settle down with and do the family-pet rp thing. If you are interested in meeting me and possibly bringing me home to be a part of your family please message me and we'll see where things take us!
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