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  1. Hi All, Apologies If I have chosen the wrong thread, I have posted here: and here: This is a collaborative game where you will claim land, design and negotiate your design with other participants! When the game is over you can claim all builds and 3D models I am providing for yourself (for whatever further use) and also will be able to stay and become a part of a new community! Each participant will receive L$ gratuity (or Amazon Gift Card, based on the preference) in the end of the game. The estimated time contribution depends on you,but it should not take longer than 3-4 hours of your time in total (if you like to build it can take as much as you are willing to spend on your own design) This game can be partially synchronized (players should be in-world at the same time) but it is also flexible on that. And I need to start it this weekend, or beginning of the next week! If you are interested but cannot make it so early let me know, maybe there is still a way to participate with the delay. Please let me know if you are interested! ❤️
  2. Currently I have 4 participants for the experiment, and I need 5 more Also I made a short video, explaining some of the rules and ideas:
  3. Hi Bitsy, Great to hear from you Just sent you the request!
  4. Hi Mollymews, Sure, you are more than welcome to participate as an observer! I also need more people so I would rather offer you to give it a try as a player: more people with different collaboration styles, more interesting the game. It could make it more exciting! I ran several play-tests with my friends and it was actually the most productive when people from different backgrounds and different work styles were playing. Diversity is the key:) Let me know if you would participate as a player!
  5. Hi everyone! Thank you very much for the feedback and interest! I am almost done with the design of the structure and rules of the project. Additionally, I got my first land and have been experimenting with 3d-modeling and uploading models from different software ( I work in 3dsmax, Cinema4d and Sketchup). Regarding the land: The land is 5000m2: not so big but should suffice for the first playtest! That in my opinion can work for the group of ~8 people. Based on the results of this test, I could think of the modifications for the larger space. Regarding the built elements: I propose to create a library of 3d elements which can be used. It will potentially save time and will open the experiment for the people who are not professional builders. Below is the short description of general logic of the experiment, which I am very happy to share for your comments but also it is time for me to find the people who would be interested in participation. The experiment itself evolved into a game-like experience: there is a structure, rules and rounds. Overview: It is a two-round semi-cooperative game for up to 10 players. You are appropriating space, negotiating with each other over land, claim right of way across other players’ property and design and decorate your own land. Right of way through other players’ property is a cooperatively owned land, shared between the initial owner and the player, who claimed the right of way. Cooperatively owned land has to be designed cooperatively, with the input from all players who has a stake in it. Goals: The collective exercise is to design a shared space. Shared space emerges if most of the areas you own are shared with someone else. So, right of way is a shared space. Thus, the collective wins if your property is not only yours. If the site has less than 50% of the total area as shared space, everybody loses. The whole area is successful (everyone wins) if the proportion of shared spaces is larger than the proportion of individually owned spaces. However, there are also two types of the individual winners. First, the participant with the most individually owned land is a winner within the game. The individual landowner who has the least of individually owned land (the one who gave up the most) is a second winner. During the first round your goal is to acquire as much land as you can. You can’t place your properties adjacent to each other. You can place our property adjacent to other players’ holdings. There is a minimum and a maximum size of the land you can have. Yet the shape/size of the land you own is determined by other players. Each player is assigned a special 'land use' (education, convention, culture, green, entertainment) to help to determine a program for their property. During the second round you have to connect your discrete properties through the rights of way, and negotiate rights of way for other players across your land. The size of right of way is determined by the shape of the land ( the width of RoW has to be a half of the shortest side of your property). My goals as a designer: I want to see what kind of space will emerge from social interaction and negotiation. I am interested to see collaboration, emerging from competition. Scarce land and uncomfortable rules become the first trigger for participants to negotiate and to collaborate. Second Life goal: To have a space which will be used with the community afterwards. Ideally, I imagine it changing and evolving according to the rules after the space is designed during the first experiment. Any feedback and interest in participation is very much appreciated!!! Also, last time @Bitsy Buccaneer and @Gingir Ghoststar were interested in participation. Let me know if this is something you would like to be a part of!
  6. Hi everyone, I am very new in SL and just started learning LSL scripting, and have almost zero programming experience. I wonder if it is possible to script certain events triggered by multiple other events, happening in a certain time range. I have been thinking of designing a game-like collaborative experience, where people could build/design something together by rearranging and moving around prefabricated pieces, like lego. I want to trigger certain events(door opening, other objects appear) if multiple people do something, for example they touch some object at the same time (or within 10 seconds). Or if they place some objects in certain locations on the land, it triggers other things. Do you think it is realistic to make something like that? I know I have very limited skills, but maybe someone can give me any tips how to start scripting in that direction? I think I do have a relatively clear understanding of what are the potential events and what can trigger them, and the variables included within these events/triggers. But no clue how to script it:) I hope this question makes sense!
  7. @Chic Aeon @Bitsy Buccaneer Thank you so much for your feedback and interest! I definitely need to do more research to understand the workflow and how the content is being placed/manipulated in SL. I will be working on the description and the details of the project during next couple of weeks, and will post it here as well for the further discussion. ' The hours is a good point to consider. How can everyone collaborate if not everyone is present on the land simultaneously? Maybe we can leave some spatial clues on the site, or leave a note for those who is absent during the change. Or each new member has to complete another creator's part, so each member designs a space or an artifact that is a spatial continuation of the artifact/space designed by the previous creator. Many ideas, time to get to work!
  8. Yes, but I want the space to stay and be used by the people after it is designed! Agree, and the land size is something to decide collaboratively with the participants, but also for me as a mediator of the process. Since I am running this collaboration, I will be in charge of purchasing the land ( the size is TBD, depending on my budget and if I can find the members for the experiment) and managing the group integrity (so there are no funny members who would destroy other participants' designs). I wanna be friends or at least get to know a little bit the people who will participate, so maybe I would chat with everyone before confirming the membership. Maybe that could prevent griefers.. Regarding the design: here it is a bit tricky, but I have a few ideas of how it can be possible to everyone to be able to express themselves, but also to produce a cohesive space and meaningful spatial experience. What I have in mind includes a few rounds of experiments for emergent design where there is a gradient between personal identity spaces and shared/collective identity spaces. That would include additive and subdivision-like first steps in design, and different levels and scales of collaboration among the members. I hope it does not sound too convoluted. Another aspect: I don't want this experiment to take up to much time from the members, so I need to figure out if it is possible to somehow make it relatively simple and fun. The key component here is a collaboration among members and the space that could be useful and meaningful for the community.
  9. Hi everyone, I am Alina and I have been in SL for a few months. Currently I am working on my Masters thesis in Architecture, focusing on research of social spaces in virtual worlds. I have been thinking of buying land in Second Life to collaboratively design it with the residents ( if someone is on board). I want this land to be open and shared, so anyone in the group, affiliated with the land, can create anything they want there. I really want to make a nice space to anyone to hang out and curious to hear any suggestions related to this proposal. Would you be interested in collaboratively designing social/community space in SL with other residents?
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