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  1. Hi i was wondering why there is so much difference between people's height scale? (i dont know mean someone who wants to be short or tall, thats a personal choice) Some inworld people were discussing how its because the SL height's measurement dont match up with RL height. Like SL's numbering is off. example, most humans are in the 5 feet range in RL. so that is real life "default" height. But In SL, you create a new shape or use one of those default beginner avatars, noticed how the shape is in 6 feet range. So that means SL intended 6 feet range to be the default height. and visually every building and items scaled to that range. in essense Secondlife 6.4 = Real Life 5.4 Secondlife 6.9 = Real Life 5.9 Secondlife 6.1 = Real Life 5.1 the problem is: A person new to SL or not knowing this information. thinking they will create a SL avatar based on real life height ends up making themselves look way SHORTER. Like i am 5.4 in real life, so i am a newbie and in game, i make my SL Avatar 5.4 (not knowing this would translates VISUALLY to RL 4.4 in game) SO Thats why it creates so many scaling differences, because everyone using different scales. Im wondering can Secondlife system.. can it just easily renumber their whole height scale? Make default shape SL height in 5feet range by just editing their number system (renumber). that would be easy to implement right? Secondlife 5.4 = Real Life 5.4 Secondlife 5.9 = Real Life 5.9 Secondlife 5.1 = Real Life 5.1
  2. I am having the same problem I log into secondlife website and under my account, change email settings the option to "change email subscription settings: subscribed, unsubscribed" it wont let me do anything there is the word "this field cannot currently be modified. Please try again later" i think its been months like this
  3. hi i have a problem with the official second life viewer in that when i click accept an object, it doesnt accept this usually happens if i am offline for example, there was an Update to an item and i was sent it during my offline, when i log back in and click "accept", it always fails to accept. nowhere in my inventory. This also happens like if i entered those midnight giveaways where it reaches the number of players, and i win and then item is sent to me while im offline, when i come back on, it always fails to accept. But This doesnt happen when i am on another 3rd party viewer. Is something wrong with my settings on official secondlife viewer?
  4. Actually no, you actually didn't need to read their profile. Basically you've decided to be nosy using your own time to check on a person's profile, then you blame that person and complain about their profile not fitting up to your standards? I mean, OK if in their profile's content, they said something offensive, it make sense to be upset over it. But we're talking about how a person display their profile, right? My post was basically about agreeing with Arduenn's post because I didn't understand how the very first poster of the thread complaining about empty profiles like as if we're all supposed to put something in the profile just to entertain her so she wont get bored? Or as if we are supposed to worry about having enough money and shopping time to make our avatars looking sophisticated enough for her to deem us worthy, so that she wont judge us for it? Not everyone on SL is trying to advertise themselves or into the fashion or whatnot. Let me explain why i agreed with Ardueen's post. Since Im still new to SL , today when I first clicked this thread, i was actually thinking "Oh cool maybe i can learn something about SL so I wont accidentally offend someone" such as things like "Don't Friend request someone until you talked with them first". I wanted good advice to improve on my SL. But i was just surprised by the first post of the thread and didn't have enough time to read more than page 1, and I agreed with Arduenn's post which is also on page 1. And hey, there's no need to be your passive-aggression displayed in your last paragraph. Who is this "monthly edge poster" that you are referring to? Me or Arduenn? Why are you trying to label someone as something? Why are you resorting to name-calling? Absolutely nothing I've said in my previous post was edgy. And what do you mean by "monthly"? Do you mean someone who post once a month? Are you trying to imply someone who has not posted enough on this forum to be worthy to give an opinion? Are you trying to restrict what people post on the forum because it doesn't fit your forum posting standards or have strong forum credentials? If you are accusing me of being "monthly edge poster" please give examples and explanation and proof? I find this ironic because, aren't you actually the "edge poster", who actually brought in the the dictionary definitions into the conversation, trying to sound smart with your "galaxy sized brain" to have an argument over a word-choice? You are trying to "restrict" me. If you are so triggered by incorrect word choice of "pet peeve", please let me rephrase my sentence from: "If it was a rant about about someone doing something harmful, rude, annoying, trolling, that affects another person, then it should be a pet peeve." to "If it was a rant about about someone doing something harmful, rude, annoying, trolling, that affects another person, then it should be something worth getting upset over" Next thing I know, you will find my incorrect usage of "ironic"? By all means, feel free to post your pet peeves. I wasnt trying to stop anyone from having pet peeves. I was trying to understand and have a discussion on how certain pet peeves is worth or not worth getting upset over and how does it really affect you. Reread my other post if you need to. My post had ended with a question for open discussion. Im just here hoping my empty profile and unsophisticated avatar doesn't offend anyone because im keeping it that way lol
  5. Yes i agree with you. I didnt understand the purpose of the original poster's list at all. lol If it was a rant about about someone doing something harmful, rude, annoying, trolling, that affects another person, then it should be a pet peeve. But if just about how someone's own avatar on how they like to display or dress up their avatar, name and label themselves, why would u be against that? How does it actually affect you in any way?
  6. Hi can we please talk about LOD (Level of Details). Im focusing mainly on the clothes and attachments that you wear on your body, not external items like furniture/houses/environment items. I hope im getting this correct. There's two type. TYPE 1: The inherent LOD in the item itself. (this LOD is controlled by creator of the item) TYPE 2: the LOD settings option in your viewer, which default is set at 2.0, and 4.0 being highest. (this LOD is controlled by your viewer's preferences) If the item has bad inherent LOD, when you zoom out even just for a *little* bit of distance, the item disappears! And thats not very good, right? I tend to associate low quality items having bad inherent LOD because I noticed most free gifts tend to have bad inherent LOD, and a lot of gachas (cheap prices) tend to have bad inehrent LOD. when I first wasnt aware of LOD's, and I have bought store items that costed a lot of lindens and ended up having bad inherent LOD, I mentioned this to some creators of the item disappearing, they would recommend me to change my own viewer's LOD setting options to the highest setting of 4.0 (in order for the item to be visible from a long distance). But this is NOT a good recommendation because it actually lags/stress out your computer, right? This recommendation forces your computer screen to make all these surrounding far distanced items be visible, which isnt necessary. so thats why it lags. SO I end up disappointed, detaching the item and not using it, and feel like I wasted my money on the item. I still keep my LOD settings option at the default 2.0. Because this default 2.0 is already a good setting. And a lot of people have this setting by default. Why should the consumers have to change their own viewers LOD settings options to compensate for the bad inherent LOD in the item? One of my fear is many creators/designers have their own viewers's LOD settings options set at 4.0, so when they create an item to sell, they forget that many people wont be able to see the item like how they see it . So the creators end up making the inherent LOD of the item very low (bad quality) because they wrongly THINK people will be able to see the item just fine. So I am wondering why creators try to make as low inherent LOD as possible? After some searching around, I found some person explaining how creators think a low inherent LOD (disadvantage) would also have Low Impact (benefit). But he also explained how that there are actual ways to create an item with Higher inherent LOD(benefit) and have low land impact (benefit) which would be a win-win situation. The person said not many creators know about these GOOD techniques. Im not sure what the techniques are though??? Or perhaps there are other reasons why creators are creating these inherent low LOD items? easier to make such as for gachas? But anyways now im extremely picky about items I buy because Im scared of bad inherent LOD's.
  7. a lot of people use the word "japanese" when they really just mean "Asian" . Asian includes Japanese and other asian cultures like Chinese, Korean, etc. There are plenty of popular korean designers and stores in SL that make popular skins and clothes that people confuse as "japanese" but its not.
  8. ok so if u reach the offline IM limit, u wont recieve any extra IMs when u log back in .....but would u have still receive emails about those unstored extra IMs?
  9. the username change will be a paid service. the list of possible last names that SL provides will alternate from time to time, but the name change service wont change the fact that new accounts will still have the last name "Resident". So we will still see "Resident" everywhere. so its not like Resident will be outdated or a rare lastname. My question is if we can just keep back this last name "Resident"?
  10. hello so i heard that username change will be coming soon and i already know that it will be based on creating your personal first name and then choosing from a list of last names that SL provides. it will be a paid service. my question is if its possible you can choose a new personal first name BUT just Keep the last name as RESIDENT? to have Resident as a last name again... i didnt hear anyone talk about if this is possible? Edit: the list of possible last names that SL provides will alternate from time to time, but the name change service wont change the fact that new accounts will still have the last name "Resident". so its not like Resident will be outdated and it won't be a rare lastname. My question is if we can just keep back this last name "Resident"?
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