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  1. Hello Zeta,

    6 minutes ago, Zeta Vandyke said:

    Instead of changing position all the time, you can also get a free or cheap titles from marketplace, this for example (just a random one I just found) and put a title above your head: IM me for roleplay

    Oh, such a great idea, I'll try that too. :)

    7 minutes ago, Zeta Vandyke said:

    When I still ran my AFK sim there were plenty of girls who put a title like that on when they were around, and took it off when they actually went AFK.

    Uhm... so if I have to go for any reason, I'll do that. Thanks!

    8 minutes ago, Zeta Vandyke said:

    Also, while that 100 L$ is nice because its your first earned money, keep in mind that even for AFK sex L$100 is not that much. For roleplay sex, people usually pay a lot more, 500 as starter up front, and then a free to decide tip after is not uncommon. 2k to 5k tips are not strange of if your good and get regular visitors. You probably need to spend some first earned money on Mesh body/head to go to the higher tip regions, but good roleplay gets payed good. Just ask it up front, its not weird at all.

    Up to 5k!! Awesome, I might invest money in the end heheh.


    9 minutes ago, Zeta Vandyke said:

    Just use search on AFK and select on traffic. The higher traffic gets more people because they offer more variation in general. This also means you get more competition, but the fact that you will actively advertise roleplaying will get you noticed. Some sims might have rules about roleplay/advertising, do read up when joining a place.

    Yeah, I found several for furry only or for shemales, so I'll have to be careful with that.


    10 minutes ago, Zeta Vandyke said:

    Most AFK places do not require group fee, but they will require you to log in their tip system and require you to get your tips trough them. They will get a percentage of the deal, but they need that to pay for sim rent. You will get banned if you use their sim but get tips directly without cutting in the sim. (only fair IMO). Eventually you can go as far as renting your own room on an AFK sim. Paying monthly fee for a private spot, that does not take % of the tips.

    I see it fair that they get a % of my tips, but not the fee. Oh and I didn't know if you rent you don't pay a % so when I get more clients, I'll have to do the Maths and see what's better for me.

    Thank you for all the information, still only 3 days since I registered. I'll wait a bit more, at least 7 days to look for more places.



  2. Hello everyone,

    Today a wonderful guy, super nice and married in-game (he wanted no sex with me) gave me a lot of advices. One of them was to look for afk places, but when I sit I should try to keep changing my position. That way people see I'm not afk and even I don't have a custom mesh, they hire me. And it worked! I got my first L$100 with a lovely curvy woman, it was incredible and we had a lot of fun together.

    If you look at those L$100 as if they were real dollars, well I know they're nothing, but they are my first Linden dollars and I'm quite happy with them. The problem, the place I was demanded L$100 only to join the group. I didn't know it, but I was lucky they didn't ban me because I paid nothing.

    So I would like to know some cool afk places you recommend, but for playing non-afk. Of course I would like to know other places for non-afk too.

    The cheaper, the better, I can't pay L$100 because that's all I have. If they can be L$0 and I just have to share the tips I receive, that would be perfect.

    I read this post already:

    Very interesting. Oh and I'm still very young at game, so if the place needs you to be 30 days old please say it.

    Thank you all for your time.



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  3. 11 hours ago, Zeta Vandyke said:

    If your coming from erotic roleplay in WoW, SL will be like a whole next level, you are going to have a lot of fun! If only because of the animations, that were not available in WoW, it adds a lot to the erotic roleplay.

    For your avie, you can go all out. Including not only a mesh body/head (I do think that is a must), but also a lot of extra bits, like interactive genitals, c/um system (where you allow your client to release all over you and in about every entrance), mouth animations for adding that final touch. Also systems for special fetishes, like getting pregnant, milking etc. Those are all fun extra's, but they are not needed really if your good at the roleplay itself.

    Getting fully decked out is quite costly too, can easily go up to L$15.000 for all the options so you can always decide later on if you want the extra's after you found your way into SL.

    You will also find many sex animation HUD's that you can add to your avie, but I would not spend your money on those. Its way more convenient to use animations that are included into funriture.

    Anyway, have fun exploring the possibilities of SL!

    Yeah, all the animations give me a headache, I never know what do they do! And just hitting everything seems so unproffesional, so I try that the other one leads and I just do what I know: ERP. Today I got my first L$100 and it was nice!

    So yes, I'll have to get some meshes with time, but right now I'm fine like this. Time will tell! Thank you for your advices!

    5 hours ago, Syo Emerald said:

    If you belonged to the cybersex community on the WoW roleplay servers, you will feel right at home in Second Lifes adult sims. Especially if you just want to work as a prostitute and don't really want roleplay behond writing out your actions.

    What I'm trying to do is the ERP I already know, but when the other one changes the position then I change my text. It's pretty fun and demanding, sometimes I get completely blank but I have to react fast! So I use tips that I learned with time, while I think about what can I say next. Thank you for your advices!

  4. 42 minutes ago, Syn Anatine said:

    When you have SL open and you click that link and then the Visit Location button on the webpage it will offer you a teleport in world to that location. It won't work on your phone, only on a computer/laptop and when you have SL open.

    Avi is short for Avatar, it's what we refer to a person in world. You are the person, your avatar is you in world. Does that make sense?

    Hello again,

    Yes, perfectly clear. Thank you!



    edit: updated first post with all the answers

  5. 48 minutes ago, Syn Anatine said:

    Psst, they're from Epic http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vanima Nore/129/75/23

    They're currently having their last week of their annual sale, so everything is 75L or less. They have a ton of different wings and they WILL fit with your avi :P

    Hello again,

    I was looking at the wings but not my style. About that link, do I have to open it in the game? I tried to click it from my phone and I have a "visit location" button, but it does nothing. And what's an avi?



  6. 7 minutes ago, Syn Anatine said:

    Funny you mention that! I just made a furry avatar yesterday because I saw this skin and thought it was super cute. I now blend in well with my Meeroo.


    I swear thats a puppy pile they're doing and not an orgy!!!!!

    It's cute indeed! And I wouldn't have seen the orgy if you didn't mention it, I was looking at your wings, hahah!

  7. 18 minutes ago, Syn Anatine said:

    1. You were most likely expelled because of your avatar age, not your real age. Some please have it set that an avatar needs to be 30 days (or another specific amount of days) old to enter. This is most often done to keep out griefers.


    5. Boinking in SL is mostly done for fun and free. If you want to make Lindens with it, then well that's another beast. Here's a great topic that was made about finding a job as a newbie:

    Did I overlook anything?



    Thank you for your answer! I don't know if you missed something in your answer because I'm writing with my phone, but it was very helpful!

    I read already that post you mentioned and I found it very useful, I'm glad other people think the same. :)

    What I used to do at WoW was working a lot, giving my best each time. When I finished I asked, did you like it? Do you think I deserve a tip? ;) Some people gave me nothing, but sometimes they gave me a lot. I got once 100€ (in WoW gold) for 1 hour work, crazy stuff!!

    So I'll try to have fun and look for tips from clients. Thank you again for your answers!

    When I'm home, I'll edit first message with your answers. I hope they can benefit other noobs like me and I'll try to update with answers from all users.



    Edit: gosh it's madness to use bold letters with my phone, hahah

  8. Hello everyone,

    Yesterday I started playing Second Life and I need a mentor, I'm a Spanish 18 years old girl. If you can help me, please keep reading.

    Warning: long post ahead!

    I've played ERP (Erotic Role-Playing) for a long time at WoW (World of Warcraft). During this time I've improved my writing speed and learnt what men like, but WoW has a lot of problems like:

    1. ERP is not allowed so we had to be very careful and we also feared we could get banned at any moment
    2. There's no RMT (Real Money Trading) so I did ERP only to play the game for free, which I didn't really play because I was doing ERP all day

    It was fun for some time and I learned A LOT, but now I feel I could try to earn SOMETHING from my skills and hard work. Then I heard again from Second Life, which I started playing when I was 16 but I had the Adult servers restricted. I don't remember that old account credentials, I even believe I created it with an email that I deleted a year ago, so I created a new account last night.

    Well, after the movement tutorial and the Ctrl, Alt, Shift tutorial, I appeared on Social Island. I tried to go to an adult server but I couldn't, I had to choose Me -> Settings (or something similar) and choose what types of servers I wanted to see.

    Then I entered the adult portal, I appeared on some random island, but I was banned from that place with a message that said I was too young. That's weird because I'm 18. so these are my first questions:

    Why did they expell me? Is it because this account is new? Or is it because some servers have different age restrictions?



    Love Zhaoying said: “Too young” can mean your avatar’s “age”, how long you have been in SL. Many require that you have been in SL at least 30 days, etc .

    Syn Anatine said: You were most likely expelled because of your avatar age, not your real age. Some please have it set that an avatar needs to be 30 days (or another specific amount of days) old to enter. This is most often done to keep out griefers.


    After I got expelled from there I was at Social Island again, but then it was full of people. My following questions are:

    Were these people at that island all the time and I couldn't see them before? Or is it a different island for people who can see adult themes?


    Syn Anatine said: Yes , it was likely a new island. I am not familiar with the official SL viewer as I have been using the Firestorm viewer for a decade now so I am not sure where it shows you the sim (island) name. Each Sim has its own name, there's no doubles.

    So I was thinking what to do at that moment, when I got a PM (Private Message) from someone to go to his place. I accepted, we started to talk and afterwards, we started to have s3x.

    At this point, I was SUPER confused.

    I'm accostumed to WoW, where "having s3x" is that I /sit and I write a lot. Something like this:

    <She starts to rub his p3nis with her hands>
    Oh my, you're so hard already! I guess you like what you see... ;)
    <Then she puts his p3nis on her lips and start to kiss it>
    It's so big! Do you like it how I do it?

    But not here. In a few seconds I was giving a bl0wj0b, rubbing his balls, riding him and more. So it was fun and quite frankly, I enjoyed it very much! It seems he enjoyed it too, because he gave me this beautiful outfit:


    That skirt is amazing! But I discovered I have no idea how to manage my inventory, I even have problems to get undressed. Now my questions are:

    Should I look for more tutorials? Or would I be able to do basic stuff just by playing?

    Before I started writing this message I reviewed quite a lot of topics and I read a lot of times I should buy a new mesh. Well, the problem is I'm SUPER happy with my actual mesh because it's SO SIMILAR to me in real life.

    I'm so accostumed to be someone else at WoW like a Draenei (an alien race class) that it's awesome to be, well, me. I would maybe increase a bit my chest size or make my eyes a bit lighter, more like honey instead of brown, but the rest... it's me! So my question is:

    Is it really a must to get a new mesh?


    Syn Anatine said: It's not a must to get mesh but you will have a hard time finding clothing that fits the system bodies. For years now creators more or less exclusively cater to the mesh brand bodies like Maitreya, Slink, Belleza etc, so if you keep the body you were given upon joining you will be losing out on new things and have to make do with the old. There's no hurry though, if you're happy with the way you look then just go with it. You will need to look for clothes that are either Fitted Mesh or for Classic Avatars.

    Love Zhaoying said: Just a thought, in SL you don’t have to be human and can still do the boinking for tips. The furry avatar community is quite large.

    If it's a must then I would choose to be someone else, like red haired green eyed with freckles or blonde blue eyed. But I would prefer to be myself.

    About voice chat, I did it in the past but I have two problems:

    1. My spoken English is very bad, but my listening skills are just HORRIBLE
    2. I'm super shy, one thing is text and another complete different thing is voice chat

    So if needed I can voice chat in Spanish a bit, like saying hey I'm a girl and not a G.I.R.L. (Guy In Real Life) but do the work by text chatting.


    Syn Anatine said: There is no need for voice chat. If you only want to text, then only text. No one can force you to voice. Thirsty males are a dime a dozen on SL so if someone insists on voice, just turn around and there will be another guy happy to boink without the use of voice .

    The more I write the more questions and doubts I have. I don't want to make this post even longer, so I need a mentor to guide me in this new game. In case you don't know it, in WoW ERP it's normal that most clients don't give you anything, but then you find one that gives you a lot, the money of 100 together. I say this because I don't have any problem to earn zero while I'm learning. Even after learning.



    Syn Anatine said: Boinking in SL is mostly done for fun and free. If you want to make Lindens with it, then well that's another beast. Here's a great topic that was made about finding a job as a newbie:


    Thank you for your time, sorry for the super long post.



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