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  1. When we originally bought the property back in like October of '18 there was no one there. Sorry I'll try to be more clear next time. The whole area had recently been abandoned and split and we got one of the largest plots right in the middle that we have since expanded to 8192. About me not caring less about my neighbor: I get in to SL to create and to explore, but i am more oriented toward my avie then I am toward building. I put together my house and it has not changed much in months. My group members are a little more creative then that, but only one of them really has the funds to drop on lindens to explore it. She asked, so i let her. I did this because I personally think it is neat to be able to see what other people create. I like being able to get ideas and see the items that they are able to create and find in this world. I made sure that all of my friends know how to block hostile communication if it becomes necessary, and that they know how to De-rez object or avies that they may find offensive. I never expect anyone to restrict their creativity on land that has no covenant, and i will discourage anyone that holds that opinion from doing so. If i happen upon something i don't like i take it upon myself to de-rez and then i go on my merry way. Finally in reply to my "playing rough and creating conflicts" Point one: No-one had contacted us until we got this mean note. not even the people that had "already left because of us" Sorry I'm not psychic, i cannot respond reasonably to silence. Point two: Was it necessary that i create a post apocalyptic wasteland on the ground, no. But I'm kinda passive aggressive that's my bad. I also mentioned i took it down after a few days. And finally point 3: In response to the stop whining thing.....what? If you bring me a reasonable complaint, I will respond with reason. If you go off on a diatribe filled with profanity, well you won't get a direct response, but you will get something. This will be my final word on the subject. I honestly got my answer in the very first sentence of the first reply.
  2. This question was instigated by a recent communication with another user. Up until this point the property at ground level has either been left natural, or had a winter themed house on it, butting right up against a big narrow hill that eats up the back third of the property. My group-mate had found some neat stuff and asked to do a hot springs/spring theme on the ground. complete with melt water-falls and a small pool. It had been there less then a week when we got a very (and i mean very) rudely worded note card stating that we were driving off users and ruining her rental properties. She had 3 small lots maybe 1024 if that around our property. Now up until this point we had not received any complaints or communications from other users in the area at all. At this point i told my friend I would handle it and asked her to move back up to her sky-box. I then put a nuclear winter themed post apocalyptic wasteland down at the ground level, for a few days. but hey at least it has snow right?
  3. I own an 8ksqm property in the snowy region that I share with a friend. This property had no covenant, and was in the middle of a large area of un-owned land. My friend likes to decorate and landscape her property according to the season. My question is this: is it a violation of any agreement, silent or otherwise, to decorate your property that you pay tier fees for. Even if it is in contradiction to the seasonal theme of the land area?
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