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  1. Three things: One: If anyone has the progeny detection rings or anything like them I would appreciate a copy of them as nothing pings in the market place. Thank you so very much. Two: I would be hugely less bothered by all vampyre sims, if humans could arm and fight back. Vampires need for secrecy has always been paramount to their survival, as was population control, because once humans became aware and fought back, nests would die very quickly. So let us have weapons that if we find you we can make you bleed, lose souls etc. Then we call it fair. I had garlic day two I rejoined SL, hunger/progeny needs it as well. Or better garlic AND weapons that make them lose blood. Three: As for the idea that a bite with no notification, no bothering you is fine, a question then. If I sneak into your bedroom/bathroom/change room and take a picture thats cool right? I didnt interrupt you in away, didnt impede you, didnt ask you anything. I just took a bit of you and left. Something to think on. I value my personal space be it real or virtual highly, Sorry thats just me.
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