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  1. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Yoonseul/10/236/35
  2. i'm looking for vitage clothes (1951 - 1959 ) for the legacy body or maitreya lara do anyone know where i can find some? any help would be welcome
  3. i have a few questions, 1. how do you use bakes on mesh? 2. um.....can i still use appliers on BOM ready heads? and the last question, would anyone show on the forums a old skin on one of old skins on a BOM body?
  4. Um...what are a pros and cons of having a catwa head? I just want to know.
  5. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hubbub/221/219/52 selling for 4.5k and open to reasonable offers, thanks. it comes with 703 prims.
  6. i haven't posed in while, here one i did earlier.
  7. sorry if i've brought a topic back from the dead, but i like my baby head, but i'm not sure if i should leave the head for a catwa one and this is what i look like with my baby head.
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