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  1. Yes , I agree and I'll do that. My focus was on creating my look to start with. Thanks for your feedback, it's much appreciated ! ♥
  2. Hello everyone, I'm somewhat new to the second life community and looking to make some new friends! Experienced SL's preferred but not 100% priority. IM me for any interests, and we can meet up in world to chat. 😊 Thanks in advance ❤️
  3. Special thanks to @Lindal Kidd , for kindly assisting me ! I got everything sorted out and all is going good ! Thank you again! ♥
  4. Okay , thanks . I'll keep that in mind. I already did check on her profile to see if there were other methods of contact and I couldn't see any. I did remove her name, thank you for reminding me ♥. It's my first time purchasing land , so I'm unfamiliar with how long the process takes. I just figured it worked the same as when your doing other purchases from SL , like clothing , and other items.
  5. AslaugBelgroth

    Buying land

    Hello , I purchased a land parcel from , but it's been a little over two hours since I received the confirmation of purchase, and I still can't use the land. I've messaged the Land Agent , and she's yet to look or respond. What should I do to either get my money back from her or get the land I've purchased. Would much rather have the land, Lol Thanks , Asla
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