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  1. My working relationships are solid. Your customer service is pathetic and you were quite flippant and rude and dictating to me what I did and did not want! That is not customer service.
  2. Reached out to this person under my business account, was flippant and I will not be sending him work.... Learn some customer service buddy.
  3. I am looking for an EXPERIENCED 3d MESH PAINTER to help with textures and templates for an exciting new BREEDABLE we are about to launch. THIS WILL BE A PAID POSITION! Please reach out via NC with a brief on your experience to CutenCuddlyBreedables Resident. Pay will be negotiated on experience. Thanks and speak soon!
  4. we are being charged for the land impact, which is the issue. Say you build an animated creature that is supposed to pathfind around a parcel. well the LI without the animesh is say 3 or 4 LI. with it, between 23 and 30. that is really no reason for it and them claiming that it is. its a $ grab IMHO - because they sell more prims for the feature and make more $
  5. That is ludicrous and there is no need for it. This extra LI is just a money grab sorry but it is. It is the viewer that does all the animations etc, and there is no need to charge the creators that for it. it will NOT take off, while that is still in play - it needs to be removed and left as normal. adding in this case 22 LI for a mesh with a rigging, thats before any scripts and animations are added to it, is just not ok and I would love a LINDEN to actually explain WHY they are trying to do this.
  6. Still a base of 23 LI is not feasible for what it was designed for and I think that is the problem. I have a 1 LI mesh, that without animations etc and having a rigging, I click the check box and it jumps to 23. there is no need for it in reality. just my opinon
  7. I am exploring Animesh, and frankly LOVE it! Its been far too long! However I am a little shocked that a mesh that has a land impact of 1 or 2, when the Animesh is enabled jumps to a MINIMUM of 23/24... Is there a reason for this, and a way we can optimise the mesh'es to reduce the land impact? The project I am working on, that I want to use Animesh with, needs the LI much lower. Thanks! and sorry if this is in the wrong category...
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