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  1. Thank you, but as I mentioned, I do already have what I believe is a good handle on blender's tools and functions. While I'm still learning, I understand the workflow of everything that others in this forum have suggested people learn, and have since before I came to secondlife. I have used blender in the past, just never professionally, and in addition to taking classes when I was younger, I am still doing research on blender, modeling, and creating assets for video games. I don't mean to say I have nothing to learn, I know I do, but I also know a lot of people dive in head-first, and that is not what I'm doing. I am also not looking to make and market clothes right out the gate. Again, as I mentioned, I'm just looking to fiddle with it and get a feeling of what's involved in between my current work on objects, like when I'm taking a break. Thank you!
  2. Thank you very much!!! I do actually already have access to Marvelous Designer. A friend of mine is a modeler and was willing to let me use their subscription when they're not, at least until I figure out if I want to put more energy into the clothing side of things and need it more often. I understand it's going to be a long road. I've already gone down quite a lot of those with art in general! So, even if never get to the end of it, I'm excited for the learning. Thank you so much!
  3. Hello. I'm rather new to secondlife and looking to create clothes. I'd like to someday get a devkit, but I know I have a lot of work set out ahead of me before I can do that. I have a lot of experience as an artist in general (in the past I've made a full-time living off 2D art and painting), and a handful of knowledge about 3D modeling - though nowhere near as vast. But I do very much know my way around blender, and I'm excited to learn the bits about modeling itself that I don't know yet. For the most part I am right now making furniture and accessories (though I haven't released anything on the market yet), but in between I'd like to just do some experimental things with clothes, at least for myself, for now. The block in the road here is that all resources have pointed me to the Standard Sizes found in the marketplace, but the dropbox link doesn't work anymore, and doesn't seem to have since sometime last year. Is there anywhere else I can find these? I've seen a few discussions where people have brought up fitmesh, but I'm a bit confused on that also. I wear the Maitreya body, and for the most part things that are labelled XS will fit me. I wouldn't be able to dream of getting the maitreya devkit right now (if ever? from some of the comments I've seen...), but I don't quite understand if the fitmesh will fit me (and I guess, someday, others) if I were to create on it, or if I would also still need the standard sizing avastar models as well. Thanks!
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