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  1. hi there! i am a 2 month old resident and im looking for a job!!! and yes i am young in sl but can still do much! i wanna work like any of the tags i put there. i am often avalablee at 00.00am  to 3.45 pm sl time all i need i g rated place and a normal incomee. havee a nice dayyyyyyyyyyyy!

  2. Hi there! I am looking to become employed somewhere Nice and family friendly. My acc is more then 30 days old and i like being Nice sand helping people. I am not wanting the biggest income id like to get a minimumm of 100  L  a week preferibly more if that is possibIe.

    i hope  some of ya'll are intressedd i could also be employedd as a personall assistentt or baby sitter but id like to be in customeer seervice!

    thnxx for readinggggg!

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