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  1. So I have another Question , So me and my gal were in game the night this all happened and keep in mind None of this stuff has happened before to the extreme that it was happening that night. Do you feel that certain SIM's could cause these issues (Strong Lag) and maybe they needed a restart ? We both were experiencing these issues together so that was the main reason of asking about all this stuff then the gal told me that my complexity was not rendering her in so that'swhy i asked about the complexity issues as well. So im asking do you think the game alone could cause so much lag due to certain sims not being restarted and since we were experiencing those issues at the same time and haven't really had those issues to that extent before ?
  2. Yeah that makes plenty of sense. Thank you and Ill check out that video now that you posted . Thanks again !
  3. So you made this comment "The solid colored avatars is because they are too high in complexity to load for your graphics.". So are you talking about My graphics as in my computers GPU because if so that cant be right because i have a BEAST GPU or are you talking about my Graphics settings in game ? Other than that You all have said some things that have helped me out tremendously and I appreciate it. Thanks for all the input , so helpful
  4. They did bit I'm just typing from my phone amd in a hurry typing so ... but yeah that's what they said .
  5. Very Helpful Info from EVERYONE , Thanks so much , If anyone can tell me how to check my own complexity that would be awesome. Im not sure because of so many comments that how to check my own, I figured out how to set Maximum complexity of others
  6. Thank you , That seems more like what had happened, Im so illiterate when in comes to PC's so Ill have to check out how you do what you said above But this sounds accurate of the things I was doing so this could very well be the issue. Thanks for your time and comment Much Much appreciated
  7. Ahhh Ok Well How do I set the complexity settings then ? Where do I go to do so ?
  8. Yeah I was kinda messing around with some settings and it popped up. I'm still able to come to my place of Rent so its not that Good thing hahaha, Ill try and figure it out
  9. So I was out and about and I noticed that lately that a lot of things weren't loading in fast as usual and I seen this person and they were Blue and Super Laggy and i asked then about it and they said it was my complexity . So heres my Questions.??? 1) What exactly is complexity ? 2) How does this effect my character and my game play ? 3) How do I fix it and where in game do i see what my complexity levels are or the location of my complexity ? Ive seen alot of people with Their names above them and sometimes it says their complexity and its like 300,000+ or - . I'm just new to the game , like 2 and a half weeks new and trying to figure out everything i can about his game because its got me hook already. Again thanks for any advice and its very much appreciated.
  10. Well its not that When i log in that it says that. I was looking thru something , Now i cant remember what But it was something that had to do with Clicking check marks on boxes that says Let friends see you on the map and Find friends and stuff and when i clicked on something that had to do with Show Display name or show account name that's when that little box on the top right of the screen popped up in a little black box and said you been banned Indefinitely and I had to click OK on it to go away . So IDk .
  11. So Im new to SL roughly a little over 2 weeks and I was kinda messing around with things in game trying to figure out what does what with settings on Friends list. So while i was doing so a POP up pops up and says "Your now banned Indefinitely". I literally have No idea what i pushed for this to happen and wanted to reach out to others that have been around a while and ask , does anyone know what would cause that to happen and what was it that I may have pushed for that to pop up and and say "Your banned Indefinitely" from and for ? Any advice would be much appreciated Thanks !
  12. Hey Yall, So just a little back ground of my Avatar , I have (BELLEZA Jake) Body and a and BENTO Daniel head. That being said My Belleza Jake Body it came with Hands and feet and I can control what my hands do thru the HUD under SHAPE. That being said My hands for some reason keep looking like Star Fish and people keep noticing them and keeps saying something about them . Well Last night i had a female notice the hands and she sent me a link for (AnimAlive BH animator BENTO hands) and i turn them on and they worked for like 2 minutes and now its not working and my hands keep looking like starfish and in my eyes they dont look like starfish . Does anyone know of any solution with what i've told you i have as Body and hands and what not, to help me from getting these star fish hands that everyone can see and makes me look like a super Noob??? ANY Advice will do , Thanks in advance !
  13. Thank you so much! super cool of you to take tim eoutta your day to respond with much helpful advice. Thanks again
  14. Thank you! You know whats crazy is the fact that we dont even really know one another IRL. We started off playing GTARP (Grand Theft Auto RolePlay ) and both of us are streamers and turned out we played in the same server together and We both were in Two separate Biker MC;s She is the VP in her crew and im the President in my MC and we ended up hooking up behind the crews Backs like a Romeo and Juliet story and then we started chatting OOC and she introduced me to this game and we immediately hit it off and we connected as partners on here and made one another a couple on here as well. Shes been playing here for over 7 years and she just recently got me hooked in this Virtual world and we just talk everyday and take photos and shop and do what couples do and its fun , But yes I will most definitely take photos , I just dunno where i would post them for people to see. But thank you again for your advice it means alot and we will look inot it and get her sorted out.
  15. Hey Ya'l So I posted the other day about some things and I got an enormous amount of Super Helpful advice and very grateful for all of the advice , Thank you so much.! Now i'm Back and i have a Question for you all and Hoping to get a response. So My girl and I bought a female avatar and She is wanting to know What Skin appliers or Skin tone is good for this Match up and also wondering where we can get the skin appliers.| So she has a (CATWA-KATYA) Bento head and a (MAITREYA-LARA) Body. It looks amazing But we are looking now to get some skin tone to the head and the body and looking for a good match for the two together. ANY advice would be super appreciated , Thanks ahead of time and hope to hear from some of you and what you use and where you got the product. Thanks again ! Happy SL living!
  16. much much thanks for th advice . Super cool of you all to take time outta your day to help out. Thanks again !
  17. Yeah also i noticed with my Bento daniel head and the Jake belleza Body that the neck seam isn't the best but in other lights you cant see it at all so . I totally get what your saying and well definitely check it out . Thanks for the advice
  18. Yeah the Money aspect doesn't mean anything . What my baby wants my baby gets so as far as how much Lindens i have to spend that's all good. So thank you and yeah ,well check these out. You have been a super help so thank you very much for your time and effort on helping us out
  19. Yeah for sure , I just know she likes the Jennifer 2.0 head so I wanted to make sure that that body goes with it . See I did a lot of research on my head and body and it turned out really well and if I'm going to spend money on her avatar as well then i want her to be happy with what She's getting.
  20. OK Thanks for the reply and advice ! Much Much appreciated. Yeah the Bento Jennifer 2.0 head is from the GA.EG store
  21. Thanks for youre reply, Yeah She was looking at the Belleza Isis body But ive personally never heard of the Maitreya body , Where would you go to get this and check the demo out at? Also thanks for your reply
  22. Thank you! Yeah she was looking at the Belleza Isis Body last night But thats why i wanted to know others opinions , Because thats where i got my body and head from as a male Avatar . So just trying to figure out everything and get as much knowledge as possible from others experience ya know? Thanks again!
  23. Hello , So my girlfriend and I are looking into buying her a New avatar , She is wanting to go with the BENTO Jennifer 2.0 head. Where would you recommend getting the body from? I bought my Belleza Jake Body with a Bento Daniel Head so I didn't know if that's what she should do as well. If she is wanting to roll with the BENTO Jennifer 2.0 Where should we get a Body From. Thanks Again Everyone for all the help!
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