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  1. I purchased a teleport switch at the SL marketplace. Seemed an easy enough setup, place switch on wall, landmark where you want it to go (loft in my home) then add that landmark to contents of switch. Okay simple and done, problem is instead of setting me down upstairs it places me in the room below it. I can stand on the floor in the loft but cannot seem to teleport to it. Note: I am the one who remodeled and put in the loft, I built the floor and am quite the novice, although I can stand on it, any ideas what I can do so that I can actually teleport to it rather than dropping in the room below as if the floor is phantom, when it is not? Thank you to anyone who can help.
  2. I was cruising the pics and saw this and cracked up. I own that very shirt in RL! Same color and everything. lol Ugh, edited the post and pic that I commented on went away?
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