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  1. Chic TY!!! I did the physics shape, applied scale and location... but I forgot apply rotation!!! Ok, now I know: if I don't apply rotation too in blender... the option "Prim" will not be available in SL. Thank you!
  2. Ok, maybe this is not the right place, but I found this intersting phrase by Aquila, and I want just understand where is my mistake.... I use blender normally, outside Second Life, since some years. Now, I'm experimenting some small building, and.... Ok, I rezzed the the house, and when I try to change the Physics Shape, I have just two options: Convex Hull and "Nothing". There is no "Prim". What have I forgot to do in blender? I exported the collada with the preset "For SL and OS"....
  3. All prims in SL are solid, different shapes but solids, There is no way to make a fluid? No, I'm not talking about a glass filled with water, but about a fluid substance, changing the form. I'm almost sure there is no this possibility, but anyway it's better to ask to others... P.S.: Sorry for my english, I'm not english mothertongue
  4. Thank you very much to all! Now I will study all the solutions. Thank you
  5. Hello, (sorry, I'm not English mothertongue, so maybe my language is not perfect) below is a description of what I would like to do, what I did, and where I can't go on, on which I humbly ask for help from those who are more experienced than me. I'm building a mechanical apparatus (like an industrial machine) made up of two parts (actually every part is a set of linked prims): Part A, it is a fixed framework that acts as an external skeleton and support to the machine; Part B, is a mobile part that moves back and forth with only translation moving inside the frame. I create
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