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  1. Great site and would've loved to join, but why is our phone number a requirement?
  2. Thanks! Now that I look at it I was looking at the post below hers and that's probably why I couldn't find what I was looking for 😂
  3. What is your name inworld? I'd love to check out your blog
  4. What a huge non-issue to complain about. Lol
  5. No I don't think she uses voice to text. She said she prefers to voice rather than text. But google docs would pick up on any misspelling and would make it a little easy to comprehend. Anyways, happy searching! 😃
  6. I'm Asian too and I'm interested in maybe dabbling in the ghetto lifestyle. IM me inworld if you'd like! My name is the same as in here.
  7. I really hope you find what your looking for but I would advise that you use a spellcheck and read your post over. You can type it out in google docs first and then copy paste it in the forums 😊. Your post was very hard to read and it might be why you haven't gotten any replies.
  8. Idk.... I feel like its easier to relate to someone of your own age group. For example someone who is in their late teens early 20s could not relate to a person in their 40s when they bring up their kids growing up and going off to college or like house mortgages, or divorces and stuff. And I feel like an older person would have no interest in a lot of things younger people might like now a days (like cringy fandoms and tv shows or the latest "interesting" music, or how easy it is to make such dumb decisions just because etc.) Age does matter to some degree especially if you
  9. I was curious to know if it was racist is all, and why someone would ever feel comfortable with posting that here or anywhere for that matter.
  10. What was the image she posted? Please tell me.
  11. Wow your avi is very pretty and she looks so realistic
  12. Thanks again! Wow this might be harder than I originally thought but I want to keep pushing through and hopefully get good at it. 😃 and you are right there is still basic stuff about SL that I suck at so I will try to master the basics (in this case mainly learning how to dress myself without skin poking through the clothing) before I take a big leap into photography!
  13. Wow that is gorgeous 😮 I need to watch more tutorials on photography in second life but now I'm really excited!!! I didn't know I could change the graphics and what is wind light? I also use firestorm can I change wind light in there?
  14. Thanks so much everyone!! I think I really really like the genus baby face mesh head and once I get back on I'm going to go to the mud skin shop to give its demos a try 😄 I can't wait to get to taking photos!!! Last question, do you guys know if I can edit my photos on a free drawing/photo editing program (I use medibang) and still achieve the same photo quality? I can guarantee that they use Photoshop and I currently don't have it, but I still want to give my pictures the same or close to the same quality.
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