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  1. thank you, i dont use auto return so thats not an issue, i have 1/4 sim with store and township so just wanted to be sure i wasnt gonna mess anything up lol they are both my own groups so all should be ok, thanks for the speedy advice xx
  2. i just have a hopefully simple question I have my land set to group A, no items tho are "set to group" only listed as "owned by parcel owner" I want to set that group to group B... land is not deeded etc, if i change the group, nothing will get returned right?
  3. can someone tell me how you can export the translations of the Cog bone for posing? it works in .anim, but uploading the BVH inworld does not have the cog bone position correct, e.g- a ground sit pose is hovering any tips please??
  4. hiya, i am having the same issue, i can not export translations of the cog bone, all others are fine exporting to bvh... can you explain a little more how you achieved this?
  5. can some one help with an issue please I have just started using blender/avastar, after using "another program" Im still getting used to avastar my issue... when creating a static pose, either s ground sitting pose, or perhaps a jump pose, I use the cog to move the avatar up or down, however when i export to sl in BVH, the position is not in the right place, its till hovering. not on the ground as made or in jump position off the ground. Im not too familiar with the origin but i read in the documentation to delete this in the dope sheet, which i did, but doesnt make a difference to the export if i leave it in. can someone help me with the "how to" of sitting on the ground and keeping it once exported, I used to use Maya/Mayastar in which you would simply move the pelvis, or whole avatar and would stay this way once exported thank you in advance :D
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