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  1. 38 minutes ago, Abnor Mole said:

    The operative phrase there is "every reasonable effort". If the estate does not allow you to set the parcel for group access only then you can't be expected to have done that, but the other two points should still be followed I should think.

    Based on that I guess we would have to assume the conclusion is that use of ban lines is mandatory (when offered as option) when any adult content is present regardless of whether anyone wants them or not. Were LL to more actively enforce this we could see a significant increase in use of ban lines than we already have making navigation pure hell.

    If the answer is that anyone with adult content should just move to Zindra I think it begs the question as to what is supposed to be the difference between General and Moderate regions?

    A counter argument might be made that some people in Moderate regions should just move to a General region.

    I feel this is an area where LL may be shooting themselves in the foot. Particularly when you consider the vast areas of mainland in Moderate regions that are sparsely populated and the current amount of abandoned land.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Rowan Amore said:

    Also, neither ban lines nor security orbs can prevent people from camming into your parcel or home.  That is where "behind closed doors" comes in and why LL implemented the feature to not let others see avatars on another parcel.  You might still cam in and see the bed but you can't see the people on it.

    Yes that makes sense but I think the big question is that when LL defines the 3 parameters for "behind closed doors" (repeated excerpt from Adult Content FAQ below) do they mean all 3 items in combination or at least 1 of them? My assumption is they mean all 3 because without either hiding avatars or enclosing the area you could still see everything from just across a parcel line. It's the first item specifying individual or group-access only that really throws the wrench in everything.

    21 hours ago, Jaauuwn said:

    Adult activity on Moderate land must be conducted "behind closed doors," meaning that you must make every reasonable effort to ensure that the parcel is private. This means:

    • Allow only a group or specific individuals access to the parcel. If it is group-access only, the group must not be freely open to join. 
    • Hide avatars (turn off avatar visibility) for the parcel.
    • Enclose the area behind walls or other visual barriers.

    Logically I would think 'Hide avatars' would be the only requirement unless that check box was not selected whereby 'Enclosing the area behind walls or other visual barriers' would apply. Any other adult content such as erotic art would be enclosed behind same sort of visual barriers.

    As you said in most situations (assuming the only adult content is in the scripted objects) viewing from outside the parcel you just see an empty parcel with buildings and furniture. This is as tame as tame can be! I don't think anyone is going to mentally damaged at the sight of an empty bed or chair! From outside parcel everything looks like the same ghost town environment we are used to in SL.

    Provided the 'Must be 18+' check box actually means something I am hoping LL will consider eliminating the ban-line requirement altogether. Hopefully now that LL removed the ban-line option in Belliseria means they might reconsider it's utility on rest of mainland. If 'Must be 18+' literally means nothing now that is like having a vestigial part.

    I also understand many people that are 18+ may not care to see any sort of adult content even if just a scripted bed or chair. To that I say use some caution when wondering through other peoples parcels and be careful where you sit!

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  3. 3 hours ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

    Here is a comment that Abnor made when some similar conversations came up in regards to the Linden Homes, which are on Moderate regions and do not even allow being able to set to 'group only' access (i.e. ban lines for all others):

    Glad to hear that. Thanks for sharing. I hope SL adopts that policy for Belliseria throughout all other mainland regions.

    Many people only use ban lines because they interpret their use to be mandatory for fear some snoopy individual will file an Abuse Report against them when said individual has gone out of their way to pry in or cam into their adult activities. Personally I could care less about 'Privacy' for it's own sake and feel that if someone is going to jump through so many hoops just to see what I am doing on my own parcel they should either join in on the action or shut up!!!

    If I had my say I would consider meeting all other parameters of "behind closed doors" (as Linden Labs defines it) as more than adequate to keep things generally private. Security orbs are a better alternative but I think their use should be optional just for those that want the extra privacy. I welcome the unsuspecting visitor and think that's part of what makes RP interesting.

    Ban lines are too much of a blunt instrument and to address one "problem" they cause a whole magnitude of other problems for the rest of the SL community.

  4. I have some questions about the following knowledge base statement from Jeremy Linden on 'Managing your parcel' vs. Adult Content FAQ from Official Second Life Wiki page

    This is what I consider one of the most eternally confusing subjects in SL regardless of how many past Forum topics I have read on the subject.

    To address the subject of Adult content in Moderate regions does selecting the 'Must be 18+' checkbox really mean anything when meeting the definitions for 'Behind Closed Doors' as defined in the Official Second Life Wiki page requires much more stringent measures including one can assume mandatory use of ban lines?

    I have always gone with the more stringent "Behind Closed Doors" definition when my parcels contain Adult content but I also absolutely hate to use ban lines if I do not have to. Not only because I hate them but because they are a nuisance to others. All other requirements are easy enough to meet without complaint.

    If checking the 'Must be 18+' checkbox was the only requirement that's all I would do. The statement below clearly acknowledges a situation where adult content might occur on a Moderate parcel yet no reference to requiring ban lines per the "behind closed doors" definition. We can assume it would be a Moderate parcel as any adult content would absolutely be forbidden in a General region and the whole point of Adult regions is to accommodate adult content (making the option redundant).

    Any clarification would be appreciated. Thank you.

    <<The following is from Jeremy Linden's knowledge base statement>>

    Age restriction

    You can restrict access to parcels and estates you own or manage based on whether users are over 18 years old and whether they have payment information on file with Linden Lab.

    Important: If your land contains adult content, as defined by the Second Life Maturity Ratings, it is your responsibility to restrict access only to those who are at least 18 years old.

    To restrict parcel access:

    1. Choose World > About Land. Alternatively, right-click the ground and choose About Land.
    2. In the ABOUT LAND window, click the ACCESS tab.
      Make sure Allow Public Access is checked.
    3. To restrict access to those who are at least 18 years old, check Must be 18+.
    4. To restrict access to those who have registered a payment method (such as a credit card or PayPal) with Linden Lab, check Must have payment info on file.

    << The following is from the Official Second Life Wiki page under Adult Content FAQ>>

    What does "behind closed doors" mean?

    Adult activity on Moderate land must be conducted "behind closed doors," meaning that you must make every reasonable effort to ensure that the parcel is private. This means:

    • Allow only a group or specific individuals access to the parcel. If it is group-access only, the group must not be freely open to join. 
    • Hide avatars (turn off avatar visibility) for the parcel.
    • Enclose the area behind walls or other visual barriers.


  5. I thought there was already a discussion on this but I can't find it after searching many times. If you can lead me to that other discussion please do.

    Have there been any updates to explain why the World Map has not been updated for what seems to be many months now if not half a year?

    I am using the default SL browser and noticed 2 automatic updates in the past few months in which I hoped the problem would be fixed but still no sign of that.

    I assume I am not the only person still experiencing this problem but if I am please let me know! Thank you.

  6. FYI - I think I just figured out a workaround to the particular 'unable to join group' issue I mentioned above.

    The issue I was having was that when I respond to an invitation to join a group under 'Notifications' clicking the 'Join' button does nothing but close out and delete the invitation.

    If on the other hand I select the 'Info' tab for the group in the same invitation it will take me to the group profile page at which I can select the 'Join Now' button and be successfully joined to the group.

    I think this meets the obvious definition of a bug but I am glad to see there is at least a work around.

  7. I am having the same problem with joining groups. I will receive a notification to join a group. I click to join it and nothing happens. No recognition at all in the group list that you even joined that group. This is really pathetic and yes I realize I may be replying to a topic 6 years after it was originally posted but no doubt these problems are still occurring. Technologically speaking I would think this would be one of the simpler things for LL to manage.

  8. Thank you Lyssa and Julia for sharing this and bringing the topic up. Glad I found this as I have a similar issue with my late 2015 27" iMac Retina 5K.

    Rather than change the screen resolution for every application I changed the defaults for just the Second Life Viewer application itself (under Get Info) and checked the box 'Open in Low Resolution'. It seems to be about the same as if I otherwise changed the display resolution from their default under the scaled option to 2048x1152 but the change is limited to Second Life and every other application can still display as I would otherwise want to see on a Retina display.

    I am still keeping the option for 'Enable support for HiDPI displays' deselected. I am not sure whether or not the 'Open in Low Resolution' option per the MacOS makes that a redundant setting.

    So far I definitely think there's some improvement over before. The CPU cooling fans still kick in to a certain amount but not quite as crazy loud as before. When my avatar walks around a lot that's when they really kick in. Standing still the fans are practically silent and the CPU temperature readings drop down as well. I recently installed the iStat Menus app which has been very helpful figuring out the CPU load and operating temperatures.


  9. Thanks Mollymews and ChinRey.  Those are very helpful suggestions and I will check those items out and see what I can find. There are some things I'm already suspect of.

    I have a couple groupings of large trees which although each group has a LI of only 10 their display weight is 25110 (20.0 Download / 18.4 Physics / 5.0 Server). The leaves are static however. In general I think I may need to go through a trial and error process deleting the things I think are suspect and also the least attached to. I really like those trees as they set the scene and they hold up without crumpling into triangles every time I change views. Hopefully I will find enough other lag causing items to delete instead.

    Thanks again.

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  10. I am trying to figure out why I have so much lag on a parcel where the Parcel land impact is less than 30% of the Parcel land capacity. I own multiple parcels in the region so the Parcel land impact is less than 2% of the overall region. I basically assume prim count is not the issue but for some objects when I check 'More Info' under the 'Object' tab the Display weights seem disproportionately large.

    As example I have a simple non-scripted 2 prim object with the following weights:

    Download = 0.1 / Physics = 0.2 / Server = 1.0 / Display = 3128

    Does that Display weight of 3128 seem excessive? The object is just a framed painting.

    Before I start deleting all items like this I would just like to ask how much I should be concerned about Display weight contributing to server lag and what could be considered a reasonable Display weight.  When I search this subject the only discussion I can find is where it concerns avatar attachments and not objects within a Sim.

    If Display weight is a significant measure of Parcel performance shouldn't there be a summation of it under 'About land' just as with the total prim count?

    Any help on understanding this would be appreciated. Thank you.



  11. How about a new Linden Homes continent where all the housing is transient? Basically it would work like a rental system where every resident would get a prim allowance they could take with them to whichever location they decide to set as home. There would be many different options for housing accommodations from hotel/motel rooms to RV and mobile home parks. There could be remote mountain cabins and campgrounds you need to hike into. A resident could change their home location as frequently or seldom as they like but the idea would be to encourage exploration and interactivity. The themes would be travel and exploration with maybe some games worked into it such as GTFO, a simple messaging system or a scavenger hunt. If extended to the entire grid it could be a bit like Runescape minus the medieval element. I know it would not be for everyone but neither is sitting alone in virtual subdivisions just like those where many of already live in RL.

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  12. Another thing I would like Linden Labs to provide on both a new continent and every continent is REZ zones with parking spaces so if you decide to go exploring the SL road network you can stop and explore more locations without having to make critical choice between continuing to explore or losing your vehicle and having to Re-REZ it all over again (which kind of kills the enjoyment of it all and discourages casual exploration). 

    I am thinking of parking spaces with an auto-return time of at least 30 minutes or more depending on their location. Just like in real life you could have short term and long term parking spaces. I think this would also help more people interact in world. The same could apply for boats and airplanes amongst the larger collections of public access water sims.

    Also in general the typical auto-return time on those public access parcels should be more than just 1 or 2 minutes. It's like don't dare stop for any reason or else you will lose your vehicle.  Never mind whatever communication or role play scenario you are involved in you "just got to keep things moving". If any aspect of the SL in world experience is supposed to be about social interaction LL seems to encode everything to achieve just the opposite. If LL can do otherwise maybe more first time visitors will choose to stick around longer rather than creating an account and never returning.

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  13. On 4/19/2019 at 7:58 PM, SarahKB7 Koskinen said:

    Eighteen new water sims have appeared on the north-east coast of Jeogeot continent which links Jeogeot with it's island and the new continental sea channel.

    I just noticed that recently myself. Pretty excited to see that! I own parcels on Jeogeot Bay and was getting tired of being pretty much confined to the bay for any sailing or flying with risk of getting caught up in ban lines if venturing any further. Until recently I didn't realize Jeogeot had an island or anything else directly north of it.

  14. 11 hours ago, Whirly Fizzle said:

    At Social Island, is this what you see when "Use Shared Environment" is ticked under World (top menu bar) -> Environment -> Use shared environment?

    I'm not seeing it like in your image for any shader settings.

    In the top menu bar of the viewer, go to Help -> About Second Life.
    Click the "Copy to clipboard" button & paste all your system information here.

    Yes. This is what I see when using the shared environment. I had also previously reset all preferences to 'Recommended Settings'. Here is my system information:

    Second Life Release (64bit)
    Release Notes

    You are at 139.6, 109.2, 45.6 in Social Island 5 located at sim10111.agni.lindenlab.com (
    SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Social Island 5/140/109/46
    (global coordinates 262284.0, 272749.0, 45.6)
    Second Life Server
    Release Notes

    CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz (4000 MHz)
    Memory: 16384 MB
    OS Version: Mac OS X 10.13.6 Darwin 17.7.0 Darwin Kernel Version 17.7.0: Thu Dec 20 21:47:19 PST 2018; root:xnu-4570.71.22~1/RELEASE_X86_64 x86_64
    Graphics Card Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
    Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R9 M395X OpenGL Engine

    OpenGL Version: 2.1 ATI-1.68.21

    Window size: 2543x1313
    Font Size Adjustment: 96pt
    UI Scaling: 1
    Draw distance: 128m
    Bandwidth: 3000kbit/s
    LOD factor: 1.125
    Render quality: 3
    Advanced Lighting Model: Disabled
    Texture memory: 512MB
    VFS (cache) creation time: November 14 2017 02:14:01

    J2C Decoder Version: KDU v7.10.4
    Audio Driver Version: FMOD Ex 4.44.64
    Dullahan: 1.1.1080 / CEF: 3.3325.1750.gaabe4c4 / Chromium: 65.0.3325.146
    LibVLC Version: 2.2.8
    Voice Server Version: Not Connected
    Packets Lost: 1/27215 (0.0%)
    March 16 2019 15:27:36


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  15. On 3/11/2019 at 9:15 PM, Parhelion Palou said:

    Try the Second Life EEP Viewer (you can get to it through Downloads via the link in the More Viewers section). The official LL viewer isn't set up for EEP yet. That said, the Social Islands look the pretty much the same to me (Firestorm viewer) as in Whirly's second picture. I didn't try turning off Advanced Lighting, but it's too late at night for me to log in again.

    Whatever Second Life automatically installed it described itself as something like the Second Life EEP Viewer with the little pop up dialog explaining what it was. All of a sudden I had menu options I had not seen before such as new environment settings. Unfortunately as well everything suddenly looked ridiculous and that which used to be a nice pleasant sight now burnt out my retinas.  This is what Social Island now looks like to me.



    I realize this could be because the region I am in is not EEP enabled yet. The viewer I was and am using is an Official Linden Lab Viewer but it is one of their experimental versions, not the (Default) Official Linden Lab Viewer. When using the default viewer it was literally crashing every 5 minutes that after filing numerous JIRA reports they recommended I use their experimental viewer and everything has otherwise been fine since then. It's been over a year since so I must of forgotten I was using the experimental version.

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  16. I've been keeping things with the current EEP Viewer on the Mid-day setting to keep the display a bit more consistent but even then if you have a white or light gray surface you are working with such as a wall on certain exposures it is so bright it is painful - like looking into the sun. This is not good.

    It's just as bad and even worse working in the Shared Environment setting because although it's generally very dark the bright areas are just as bright. So now after your pupils have dilated being in a dark environment for so long your eyes suddenly have to deal with a harsh bright light.

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  17. Alyona,

    I am referring to the Official Linden Lab Viewer and their new EEP (Environmental Enhancement Project) which apparently was originally supposed to allow you to make it rain or snow in your own parcel which is not possible yet but I believe was one of Linden Labs original intentions. In any case it seems half-baked but I found another forum discussion after the fact which specifically addresses this.

  18. Thanks Theresa. That's correct. I mis-remembered where option was.

    Anyways the new Enhanced Environment Project (EEP) settings are still insane. At night time everything looks like you are in the middle of the Vegas strip and during the day it feels like you are on LSD (or at least what I imagine that to be like).

    I went back to Social Island just to confirm it wasn't something on my parcel and got plenty of confirmation that's not the case.

  19. I experienced EEP for the first time yesterday on the Default SL Viewer.

    I seriously hope LL is not expecting us to fill out a JIRA report for every problem we see. That would take forever.

    Although I like the idea of enhanced environments the implementation so far is very bad. The lighting effects are incredibly freakish. Everything is either too bright or too dark and colors are either totally washed out or obscured in darkness.

    The parcel lines cast an excessive amount of glow over everything shading entire building facades or terrain surfaces in a ridiculous red or green glow. Navigating through this environment is unsettling. I tried to turn the parcel lines off but that setting seems to be removed as well. I'm really surprised LL would allow this to be released.

    LL needs to either retract this release for further development or give a time line of when they think it will be fixed. This current version of EEP is so bad it's practically unusable. I hope LL can give timeline for fixing problem so we have some idea of when it will be OK to use Second Life again.

  20. Right now I wouldn't call EEP much of an enhancement. It's more like a nightmare.

    I can't stand to be in-world more than a few minutes without getting a headache. Everything is either blazing bright or way too dark. Subtle color tone variations are all washed out.

    I reset everything to default but that was no help.  I support the idea of making environmental enhancements but this is worse than cartoonish.

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