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  1. I'd prioritize my time with someone on SL that was able to usually connect with conversation in voice. Texting good too but more of a real connection (happens by voice) is important to someone who'd be more of a bf. For me He'd need be able to make some good conversation on variety of topics- eg what's going on in the RL and be bright. Nothing more attractive than a beautiful mind. If there is chemistry and it holds after a few times of getting together there is potential of the romantic. Adrielle4
  2. I. SL emanation experience: Your avi along with your verbal and your non verbal communication and its appearance emanates from you. In part anyway it is representative of yourself, an aspect of your mental self freed from your body a graphic-kinetic expression of yourself. Its likely not a perfect representation or expression but you may find it acceptable or even beyond what you could convey without the artists assistance. This visual is a strong aide carries or is canister for an aspect of yourself that often is not able to be expressed or appreciated by others. So when your avi alo
  3. What makes for the best or that is the most intensive feelings of arousal are often for both genders the feelings of at least some passion being present before the more intimate physical visuals even begin. What is passion? It is when there is some emotional connection that often may have been initially ignited by a more simple intellectual chat or understanding. From more chat and flirting the emotional connection can deepen and some romantic or erotic feeling may already be in the works. Passion comes when this build up is then paired with the physical. It is the frosting on the cake a
  4. Recently I read an in depth article on second life and while it offered details which were correct presented it more as virtual world falling short than what is great about it for majority of people and its other various offerings. So sure we can see it as interactive conversational venue and one that can easily compete with in-person gatherings but this is so broad and yet still not comprehensive so let's look at from what it does for people and just how that happens. I estimate that most users when asked what is the bread 'n butter for them are usually quick to mention "meeting
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