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  1. Message people with something that they can talk about. It's much easier for people to talk to a stranger about something they know, like their clothes, avatar, attachments, or especially what they have put in their profile. A very good opening message is ,"Hello, I hope you don't mind but I really like your outfit." If they want to talk they will usually talk about it. If they say thank you, you can say, " Your welcome!" Now you have had a friendly and complimentary conversation. Protip- SL regulars usually go to great pains to make their avatar look special and unique. Goddess knows I do!
  2. Hello everyone, I did an intro but i felt i could set up a topic as well. I am absolutely new to forums here, but have beem in SecondLife since waaaaayyyy back. Over 5000 days actually, which still astounds me. Funny thing is it is probably more important than it ever has been, but thats another story for another time. I am looking for friends, and to be honest, I am looking for open minded equalists in and around Oceania, on a timeline that i live on. I tend towards noon and on in Sydney, Australian time, SL 6pm or so into the wee hours of the morning. Currently I am on everyday, who knows when that will change. If you are into music, lgbt lifestyles, like roleplaying, or are truly an equalist, love to have a chat and give each other a chance to be friends. Those are "or" things not "and", I am open minded even to fiberals. I am NOT friendless! I have a lot of friends, but I am always looking to grow my experience and connections to other decent folk in the world.
  3. I am in an asian influenced group of non-binary friendly people and I myself am non-binary in Australia. Feel free to contact me in game. We have a small club where we hang out and watch Kpop videos on saturday evenings9-11pm SL time, and we are as patient as the rocks in a river. We speak mainly english, and you are free to use a translator as much as you want.
  4. today is my first day to post in forums in SL in over fourteen years. Hi!
  5. Welcome to SL! Heres my intro, 14 years later. If you are smart, lgbtqia+, love music or a misfit who dont fit in, come and drop me a line in game. I been here for along time, and SL is my home away from home. I will try and keep an open mind for you, if you try and do the same. I prefer mutual respect over mutual disagreement, and I think mistakes are learnig opportunities, in life as in SL. I try and stay fairly anonymous, but everything is fairly clear in my profile if your curious.
  6. VERY LATE TO PARTY but... contact me if you have problems finding either nonpredjudiced points of view or members of the LGBTQIA+ society. Most of it is hidden in BDSM, to be honest, but in that realm you can find a lot of guidence and friendships as well. Also RP groups and gaming groups tend towards acceptance as much as idiots, but when you find a fit you will find a path as well. I dj'ed for a group and have found extreme predjudice of the "gay" family in a group owned and run by... gays! Pretty funny and just goes to show, idiots will always be idiots, and you learn in life how to navigate around them. * - gays as in an umbrella term, "gay pride"
  7. Can those of us who barely, if ever, buy gachas please, please request a separate division for resellers? The MP is no longer my place to go. I go inworld or I do without. I don't find things because I do not have the patience or the want to search through THOUSANDS of resellers. As a club worker I do not have time to shop. I find this frustrating and stupid. I loved MP for years, with all its hiccups I never complained. But the ridiculous results of search are no longer worth my time. It would be a simple process, and I would probably buy more gacha resales if I could find the other things I want. I am mostly a fatpack buyer, and have no interest in almost all gachas. Please LL, please consider this. I do not think I am the only one. I have been in this game from the beginning, and I don't think I have ever had any major complaints to be honest. But this is ridiculous, page after page of 96 results with NOTHING I want, and not because I don't buy.
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