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  1. It's been a hot minute since I popped in here! How was everyone's holiday/new year madness? Hope everybody's doing awesome ♥
  2. I'm not sure this is even possible but it doesn't hurt to ask anyway. I'm basically looking for something that will alter the shape of my avatar's hands, specifically to make the fingers a bit longer for some of my more eerie/monstrous looks. I use a few deformers already like MT's body slimmer and SS's leg extender, but I haven't seen anything quite like that for hands/fingers. If anyone knows of anything like this or could even make something like it, hit me up! I know the 'easy' solution is to just get some mesh monster hands/claws but I've yet to find any that provide the look I'm going for. Thanks a bunch to anyone that can help ♥
  3. Hey Hi Hello o/ I go by Grey or Gallowsong here in lovely SL~ I've been around about five years but only just recently started putting myself out on the social scene because anxiety and whatnot. I'm into a wide variety of stuff and styles but will always favor the creepy, spooky, and scary over anything so if horror is your thing then we'll probably get along. I can often be found taking way too many pictures in those types of settings. I've also been a writer/roleplayer for many years but haven't yet tried it in SL so that's something I'd like to experience at some point! I work from home so I'm around pretty often. Drop me a message sometime! ♥
  4. When the family estate's been empty for decades but you're an undead good boy
  5. Does anyone know of any creators who make a hairstyle similar to this? Thanks in advance ♥
  6. Ready to haunt the nightlife ♥ EXTRA; Tfw boo doesn't text back
  7. Thank you all for the warm welcome/likes! ♥ Now for today's attire (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*✲゚*。⋆
  8. Hi! I was hoping someone might know of a shape similar to the one below or, ideally, could point me in the direction of someone that I could pay to make a custom shape like that pictured! I mainly use Catwa heads and would prefer it for any of them. Thank you! ♥
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