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  1. Hello everyone hope all is well! I'm coming to you all again to obtain input for another article I'm doing for Hypergrid Business. This go around anyone can give feedback. The topic is about how users act within the VR world as opposed to the RL. Here are my first 2 articles I've written and now working on 3rd: https://www.hypergridbusiness.com/2019/02/keng-city-challenges-stereotypes-on-the-hypergrid/ https://www.hypergridbusiness.com/2019/02/african-americans-in-virtual-reality/ As I stated all are welcome to give input and you answers will be confidential if you want. I can b
  2. @Selene Gregoire I ADORE Prince so a standing ovation from speak volumes😂💛 Thanks for letting me know of the typo. As far as the sentence I trying to say that even though AA are major consumers us making the products for consumption we fall short especially in the tech field. Hope that's better😊
  3. Really?! Just go to HB and you can find it there 💗
  4. @janetosilio Unfortunately nope☹ The editor in chief Madam Maria gave me another idea and I wrote that💞..here is the link😊 https://www.hypergridbusiness.com/2019/02/african-americans-in-virtual-reality/
  5. Thank you all! When I began this I thought it would be a great endeavor but now I see it as a struggle. It was suppose to be simple insight and to me it turned into something way deeper thsn that. Im sorry if I offended anyone but it wasnt my intentions😊
  6. @Tarina Sewell Thank you for reaching out💟 This was an interview to celebrate people who can trace their lineage to the continent of Africa for Black History Month. If that didn't pertain to then I didn't need ya..sorry😊
  7. Madam @Scylla Rhiadra I've couldn't have said this any better. This spoke volumes without being disrespectful 😍💞😙
  8. @Bradford Mint I don't know where you reside but in the U.S February is known as Black History Month.. acknowledgement of the contributions of Black people to the country 😊
  9. @Aiiyaz it's disappointing that there isn't much like that in SL, hopefully others will see it and create more content like it!
  10. @Aiiyaz Thank ya so very kindly💖👄 No worries the grid is new and not going nowhere😊
  11. @iamyourneighbour it's all good..was trying to do something positive😊
  12. Nope Sir @animats it's still running at the moment😊
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