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  1. Thanks for the reply mate. Manners and communication arent a problem, the platform I use to market myself doesn't dictate who I am as a profession. 2D digital art, ideally through paypal, protected invoicing optional for clients with hesitancy or trust issues. I know LD can be exchanged for RLC, something about 250LD=$1 correct? Ideally I was planning to just make a shop, but I guess I should 'play' around to find a suitable place for it? (not even sure how to go about making a shop yet lol but thats a problem for another day, want to know if its worth it first.)
  2. Hello world, Trevor 'TreyBarks' here (StonedHam), I'm a professional and published digital artist and I've been wanting to expand my online reach and always wanted to start second life, and now I want to put the two together after researching online. Ideally I want to make real money by selling avatar art commissions. Portraits, couples, etc. I have no idea where to even begin though. I dont want to step in any potholes or get swindled and shafted so can anyone help me out by pointing me in the right direction? Other pro artists here, groups, really anything, I'm super fresh. T
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