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  1. I've just started selling my wares in Second Life and am still learning about the marketplace. I had an item not import properly from my inventory. It produced a blank listing with nothing attached to it (no product). I have tried deleting this several times since. It claims to have done this, but as you can see from my screenshot, it has not. Is there any way to get rid of this ghost listing for good? Halp!
  2. Perfect, so if I trim to just a skootch under 10secs I should keep it safe then. Yeah, the idea is to join all the sound files together to make seamless or as seamless as possible atmos soundtrack. I'll try re-editing to a little longer and see if they still work. Thanks guys!
  3. The first person I ever met in SL. Rob. We were firm friends who understood we both had partners IRL and that friendship was what we were here for. Or so I thought. One evening he logged in, started being utterly disgusting towards me in a fashion I'd never seen before. Out of what I thought was his character. I fronted and asked what was going on, he apologised eventually and said he was mistaken. His account disappeared soon after. Lesson here? I think it is that some people cannot take NO as a legit answer. Some people think they can wear you down into having cybersex with them. Despite saying no repeatedly and plainly. Those people, in short suck and I hope their databases get covered in digital bees.
  4. Hello, attempting to create a nice soundscape for my land. I was initially told to hack up my soundscape into 9sec long blocks. Now I'm being told it can be 10secs. Who's correct here? I've already hacked it all up into 9sec segments, but if I can upload cheaper by redoing, I'd like to know.
  5. Meet Jiji! I went with Tomatopark pets and so far, colour me impressed. I now need squirrels from TomatoPark for my garden. Halp me, new addiction! Here's Jiji and I chilling at home.
  6. Darn, I wish I had seen this earlier. I have a few love themed works that might have fitted here
  7. Hallo Lulu here. I just discovered the community boards! Longtime SL resident. Have been back for 4 years after a long break. Finding the fact I don't pixel sex means I am odd bunny out. I do like making friends though *waves*
  8. Many thanks for your input on this. I intend to visit their store in-world and try one of their demo animals (just noticed they have those). The Husky and the Siba Inu were two that I was looking at from TomatoPark, so this is great news.
  9. Sweet! Thank you so much. I shall be logging in in a little while, so I'll drop you a message. Many thanks again for being so helpful ❤️
  10. Ok so wanderers sound the best for me from Jian then. They are cute.
  11. Many, many thanks on your detailed answer. Thinking from this, the puppeteers might be what I desire here. I have heard of VKC but are they breedables? I found a store called TomatoPark in marketplace, which seems to have interactive cuties. Have you heard of this store or know much about the quality?
  12. I've been looking at some of the Jian, but wondered if they were just shoulder riding companions? Do they have interactions or just movement and sounds?
  13. Hello, please forgive me if I have posted this in the wrong forum. I am looking for recommendations on non-breedable pets in second life. Not looking for something that I have to feed, but I would like something with a degree of interaction and preferably something that looks like an animal rather than a pile of sad pixels. Cats, dogs or other fluffy cuties, I don't mind. What pets do you have or would recommend that would fulfil my need for cute?
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