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  1. Just now, CoffeeDujour said:

    My only thought was that 'zany' might mean something else in a non English language, but I couldn't find anything

    Aye totally or it's street slang for something naughty. Either way is confuzzling.

    *imagines hoodlums asking for some zany on street corners*

  2. So I was changing categories on a listing today and I got the message that my product was unlisted due to a word in the description. Thing is, I can't see anything offensive nor vaguely saucy in there. Listing blurb is as follows:

    Any help or advice on this would be greatly appreciated.



  3. Ok thanks. I did have a good look around at groups in-world and most seemed dead. Few members and therefore would assume little going on. I have created a few animations, managed to get them looped nicely using Quavimator. Just looking for a few testers now really, before comitting to sell in MP. Guess I could try Builder's Brewery?

  4. I have just started to make animations for SL and was wondering what animation groups in-world, would any of you recommend joining? Looking to get testers on animations and ask questions when they pop up - sort of group.

    Thank you :)

  5. 1 hour ago, Wulfie Reanimator said:

    You don't have to make anything fullperm. The items will be unpacked perfectly normal with the right permissions.

    Your inventory just shows the combined permissions for the whole object (including its contents).

    Set them to full mod anyhoo and am finding now by using the permissions tab in-world, things are no longer reverting. At least for now.

  6. 50 minutes ago, Alyona Su said:

    Actually - there is a big that has been around since before I first joined SL in 2006: If a rezzed object has a set of permissions, then taken into inventory, then while in inventory the permissions are changed, re-rezzing the object to *REVERT TO ORIGINAL PERMISSIONS*.

    I have actually notified serval creators who accidentally release their stuff *full permissions* because they forget to set permissions before taking into inventory, then change the perms while in inventory and selling. Not realizing that as soon as it is rezzed: the permissions revert to the original perms since last time rezzed.

    @Lilith Sablatnig ; Do not do this. You could be abuse-reported for doing it at worst, your market place listing flagged at best. *Rezz your product, set permissions *before* taking into inventory, ALWAYS:)

    This isn't changing anything but the carrier - the gift box. No permissions other than those are flipping out ergo I have not touched anything else. Turns out it looks like notecard and/or unpacker was at err here. Finally managing to get boxed stuff in invent as it is in-world. Is there a way to set generic perms btw? Like all notecards set to copy/mod etc?

  7. 5 minutes ago, Alyona Su said:

    The contents in the box has a no-copy item inside.

    If a box is set to copy/modify/no-transfer and it is put into a box that is set to no-copy/modify/transfer - the first box will show only modify permissions when in inventory. If you place that box into a copy/no-modify/transfer box and take that one into inventory, it will show no/copy/no-modify/no-transfer in inventory.

    Anything inside inventory will show *all permissions* - the item itself and anything inside its contents. So ensure that object you are selling has the permissions you want *before* putting it inside the box (or use the permissions settings widget while editing the box to set contents permissions) - but also set the box itself to the *same permissions* - INCLUDING ANY TEXTURES on the box. If you create a full permissions item inside a full permissions box and use a texture that is [next-owner] no-copy then that box will be no-copy to everyone else.

    The most irritating thing for me is to have a full copy/modify/no-transfer product that comes in a no-copy box. FFS.


    Ah right it's maybe the unpacker script I have in that case. I did wonder if that was causing issue. I'll change the blooming thing to full mod, which should *hopefully* stop this happening.

    This is annoying as I had a few preview images set to copy only inside some of the boxes. Guess I'll have to full perm them too or just omit them *le sigh*. Thanks for your reply. I have a few suspects now.

  8. Hi there. I have noticed that when I am packing up an item it changes permissions when I take it back to my inventory. So a box set to copy/modify becomes none when taken. I noticed this when I set up a painting for sale. The painting was showing as no/mod no copy as this was the package's permissions. So far, my only workaround has been to modify the perms after I take it into my invent, so that it shows correctly upon sale. Is this a mixed permission argument inside the packing box? Is there another way around this? Or are my giftboxes haunted?

  9. Hello, I have a store on MP. Since I am new and not getting much traffic I thought I would pay for listing enhancement to see if that would help. I chose the "feature item on category landing page" enhancement, just for 7 days to experiment. 

    A few days in and no dice. 1 person has looked at my listing. I am not sure whether I have placed my item in the wrong category, chosen unwisely for listing enhancement or where I have gone wrong here. I am not certain if I can share MP links here and don't want to cause issue, hence lack of link to listing in question. Any ideas?

  10. Think I'll save my linden for my many, many texture uploads that I seem to be doing of late and just stick with the web browser option of cheapness. At least now I know what that person was very clumsily trying to say. They didn't explain anything, you have very well. Many thanks again :)

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  11. I'm currently uploading and have always via the web browser. I have the images saved on local and maybe I am doing something wrong, but I can't seem to do this any other way. My connection is adsl and slow as heck. When online, my profile pic seems to load just fine. Bit fluffy at first then clears, but it seems to be the way when I look at most ppl's profiles.

  12. Thank you so much for this clear and concise information!

    I am not certain if I have what is known as a legacy profile. I do know I have had this account for a long time.

    If I understand you correctly, what you're saying is my image will look off ratio to some people depending on their viewer or if they are using the web to look at your profile? If that is indeed the case, I might carry on using my unedited images.

  13. Sorry if this subject is covered elsewhere. Profile pictures. My account is as old as the moon, I've never felt the urge to spend time froofing with my images in Photoshop, for various reasons. I've always just used pictures straight out of SL which appear to be 4:3 ratio. Currently using firestorm and use the window sized option for my shots. Yesterday, someone decided to take it upon themselves to start reading me for not using Photoshop to edit my images. They were wibbling about you must crop to square then save as 4:3 format, or something, I gave up listening due to their rudeness.

    What is the deal here? Am I literally the only person who doesn't edit their pics? Is there a legitimate reason I should be doing this?

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