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  1. How can no one see that MP isn't working right. When I try to send a gift it does not go to person it was intended for. It comes to my receive folder. Tried it again today on a 1L item. Glad I chose something I could use also because again it went to my receive folder. And yes I did make sure it was being sent as a gift. My earlier purchases at least were taken care of by the makers after I showed them I did buy it and as a gift. Until MP put's a notice up on sign in page I won't use them. Will take the intended friend to inworld shop and send them the lindens to buy the item.
  2. I ordered 3 items from Marketplace. They were set as gifts to a friend. Found her name and added a message on each so I know that they were set to go to her. They were sent to my Received Folder. And being non-transferable I can't give them to her. They totaled 300 Lindens and left me 606 lindens. For couple days they would not send, I kept getting the message "continue shopping" And you all was looking into the problem. 2019-01-24 14:09:47 222a1dd8 Destination: Commerce Linden L$ Payment Description: MKT2 Item Purchase Order #1493601624 L$300 L$606
  3. Yes i'm having the same problem. I keep trying to buy 3 gifts for a friend and they go to the continue shopping page. It's very bothersome. I was away for a while and these are late Christmas gifts.
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